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Tiffany Caudill Announces Bid for Seat on Denver City Council

Tiffany Caudill Announces Bid for Seat on Denver City Council


As the candidates running for Denver’s City Council open seats grows, Tiffany Caudill files to run against incumbent Councilman Kevin Flynn. Tiffany moved back to her home city of Denver two years ago with her husband and children after moving away due to the rising costs when she was a child. Excited to return home, Tiffany wondered where the city she grew up in went.
“I was a “latchkey kid” whose single mom had to work several jobs to support us, my grandparent’s home was our safe place to land. Growing up, running free with the neighborhood kids was almost magical. When the cost of living forced us to leave Denver, that foundation was fractured. Trying to find a way back to that was nearly impossible with the mountainous cost of living in Denver.”

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Tiffany has been using her voice and advocating for her community since she could speak; this included walking with her teachers in the 5th grade as they went on strike for better pay and work conditions. She returned to the picket lines with our educators in 2019 and continues to defend our public schools. Like many of us, her perspective of the world changed after having children, and so did her advocacy. Every choice she made was driven by the question, “how will this better our community for the future?” And that is why Tiffany is choosing to run. She wants to see a community where we all have access to high-quality schools, transportation, homes, and parks. A strong believer in the labor slogan “bread and roses.” The people of Denver don’t just deserve to live but to thrive.

“The divisiveness in politics has hurt our processes and our progress, but more than anything, it has hurt our people. We need to lean into co-governance models and find paths forward, rather than standing in the way of creating real change.” Denver is at a crossroads of becoming a city for the elite, with median house prices topping $745,000 (Kyle Harris, Denverite 4/13/2022, https://denverite.com/2022/04/13/denvers-average-house-price-may-hit-1-million-by-memorial-d ay-says-a-colorado-realtors-group/ fbclid=IwAR27c9VUMcUMYYE4D7H0fUlJZwfwsn9IrcCk1Ei 9CFELWxBNRQ6SIqfTxQU). Tiffany wants to see everyday people represented at Denver’s city council, so we can once again thrive as a diverse city for the many.

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