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Dance & Hula Hoop for Health Justice

Dance & Hula Hoop for Health Justice


Editor’s Note: Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene Magazine. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.


Be the Change, Friend.

Dear Universal Health Care Advocates and Friends,

Have fun and support the movement for universal health care in Colorado at the same time.

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care (CO4UHC) will host a series of fundraising events called Moving Forward for Health Care. I am happy to kick off this series with a Dance & Hula-Hoop-a-Thon from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10 at North Boulder Park with hydration and light snacks/social time to follow until 5.

Thank you to Boulder dance instructors/hula-hoopers Tracy Goldenberg, Lucy Wallace, and Jennifer McLemore for donating their time to the cause and leading the fun!

You’re invited to:

a) Pledge a certain amount for my campaign for the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care for each hour that I dance/hula hoop. My plan is to complete all 4 straight hours. Whew! Thanks so much in advance for your support. Please just email me back with your pledge, or you can donate ahead of time instead here. (Please chose “Make it Monthly” if you can. 😉


b) Join me! You too can collect pledges for each hour that you dance/hula hoop on Sept. 10 in Boulder! (Each hour will be mostly a dance class with some hula hooping.) If you want to participate, let me know swrightuniversalhealth@gmail.com and I’ll provide all the info and materials you need to collect pledges and move forward!

c) Love to move in another way? Want to take pledges for something you can do on your own time? You can also create your own “athon” and collect pledges for it. The Team at CO4UHC and I will support you every step of the way. You could take pledges for every mile you walk, run, roll, bike, swim, or paddleboard during one particular day, week, or even month. We’ll help you set it all up and help you invite your friends to support you!

Thank you for supporting the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care at a very important time for this movement! Colorado Rep. Andrew Boesenecker and Sen. Sonya Jaquez Lewis will sponsor a universal health bill to be introduced next session in the Colorado Legislature and we must get the word out!

  • Email me (swrightuniversalhealth@gmail.com) make a pledge per hour for my Dance & Hula hoop event
  • Click here to donate immediately instead. (Consider making whatever you give monthly as doing so helps the most.)
  • Email me if you’d like to join the fun and take your own pledges on Sept. 10* or host your own “athon!” (*Sept. 10 schedule: Noon to 2 p.m. Tracy Goldenberg; 2-3 p.m. Lucy Wallace; 3-3:30 Jen McLemore and 3:30-4 p.m. free dance and hula hooping to finish!) Read more about these instructors here.

Let’s take care, stay healthy and have fun out there!

Thanks and hope to see you soon in person or in support.

~Sara Wright, Director of Communications,
Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care
[email protected] or www.couniversalheath.org


The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care exists solely on contributions from individuals dedicated to manifesting the reality of Guaranteed Quality Health Care for All for Life.

Universal Health Care:
Let’s do this!

Everyone in. Nobody out.
Health care for all for life!

About the Foundation: A 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care works to achieve guaranteed quality health care for all for life. The Foundation champions a universal health care system, the simplest most cost-effective way to pay for health care. Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

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