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According to a Romanian news source Andrew Tate is caught on a Wiretap admitting to his crimes

According to a Romanian news source Andrew Tate is caught on a Wiretap admitting to his crimes


UPDATE 1/11/2023 Vice World News is investigating Andrew Tate and will be releasing a special report on January 12th, 2023, to expose all that they have uncovered on Andrew. This preliminary article gives insights into Andrew Tate’s admitting to raping a woman as well as choking her.  The article does contain graphic language and images. 

‘I Love Raping You’: What Andrew Tate Told Woman Who Accused Him of Rape


While we have not seen this news story picked up in western media yet, LiveStreamer HasanAbi did.

Transcripts from the Tate brothers file. The two allegedly forced their victims to tattoo their names

by Romanian news site Digi24.ro

Translated by Google Translate:

New information is emerging from the case in which millionaire brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate were arrested for human trafficking. The two influencers would have forced their victims to tattoo themselves with their names, and the security employees would have always stood with guns in sight, to intimidate the women. In transcripts, Andrew Tate tells how he used women to launder money. The news about the arrest of the Tate brothers also reached Afghanistan. The Taliban are demanding their release because Andrew converted to Islam in 2021.

The Tate brothers’ victims told prosecutors that when they first arrived at the suspects’ villa, they were met by armed guards. Their role was to put pressure on the women so that they never took a break from the work they were doing on the adult sites.

Prosecutors have obtained wiretaps in which Andrew Tate recounts how he broke the law and used women.

Andrew Tate: You’re not stupid and you can probably guess how I make so much money. I have to hide what I’m really doing.

Victim: Web cam?

Andrew Tate: For a long time I did this with a team of girls working on video chat. The company was fake, but this is how I laundered my dirty money. Some of the girls who worked for me (…) I used them to do other things. To move money or illegal things, documents, etc. I will never do that with you.

The humiliation of the victims did not stop there. Investigators have obtained shocking statements from women who were allegedly recruited by the Tate brothers. They told that they were forced to get tattoos with the message “owned by Tate”, i.e. Tate’s property. The Tate brothers’ lawyer says, however, that the women got the tattoos on their own initiative.

Ioan Gliga – the lawyer of the Tate brothers: I would understand this gesture made by the respective persons as a gesture intended to make themselves as pleasant as possible by the Tate brothers and at no time was the question of conditioning or coercion raised to make such a gesture and it was their free will.

Gabriela Groza – forensic psychologist: Human traffickers are people who have more pronounced psychopathic traits. They don’t feel remorse, they don’t feel regret, they either blame the victims, disregard them, or place the responsibility elsewhere.

Andrew Tate has become one of the most famous people on the Internet. Before he was arrested, he was doing the rounds of shows and podcasts, and often talked about how satisfied he is with the corruption in Romania. The Tate brothers’ attorney says all DIICOT allegations are false and that the victims allegedly produced pornographic material to make money for them.

Read more at: https://www.digi24.ro/stiri/actualitate/stenograme-din-dosarul-fratilor-tate-facute-publice-cei-doi-si-ar-fi-obligat-victimele-sa-isi -tattoo-their-name-2207105

HasanAbi (Hasan Piker) is an internet personality who produces live streams daily on Twitch where he discusses politics. He is also found on YouTube. He previously worked as a broadcast journalist and producer at The Young Turks and as a columnist at HuffPost.

His live stream discusses the Romanian news release about the wiretap with Ethan Klien of H3He Productions, a content creator found on YouTube. He’s most known for his broadcast Vape Nation. Jump to 24:49 for their analysis of the article.

Andrew Tate was also investigated in the UK for rape in 2015, but charges were dropped.

Per, The Guardian, “A damning official examination into how police forces tackle rape has exposed persistent failings in the criminal justice system, including a failure to track repeat suspects, “explicit victim-blaming” and botched investigations.”

Scathing report condemns police in England and Wales for ‘victim blaming’ in rape cases


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