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Things that magically went away with zero consequences because they’re rich white people


As seen on Post.news, reprinted with permission from author Mick Massicotte.

  • The Matt Gaetz underage sex scandal
  • Jared Kushner just randomly receiving $2,000,000,000 from the Saudis, for… all his good work or something?
  • The 5 to 15 (can’t recall the exact number) actual members of Congress who literally asked for pardons after Jan 6!
  • The conveniently-erased Secret Service text messages
  • Speaking of Secret Service, the dozens or even hundreds of times Trump made them stay at his own properties, and charging the government/taxpayers an insane amount for it, which went right into his pocket. Feels a tad illegal to me.
  • Ginni Thomas (for too many things to keep track of)
  • Lauren Boebert tweeting out all of Nancy Pelosi’s movements on Jan 6 (I guess she’s just a big fan?)
  • Barry Loudermilk and everyone else who gave “private tours” of the random entrance/exits of the Capitol (because that’s normal) a few days before Jan 6
  • Steve Bannon somehow still not in jail and still allowed to travel and do his crazy show
  • Speaking of crazy show, Alex Jones apparently still allowed to have business as usual
  • Ali Alexander literally announced he planned the “stop the steal” stuff with Biggs, Gosar, and Brooks… nothing
  • Multiple Fox News hosts just having normal texts with the White House (Meadows) before, during, and after Jan 6 (imagine Fox discovering that Rachel Maddow is in constant contact with Ron Klain about Biden’s policy decisions and campaign strategies, their heads would explode)
  • I thought Justice Roberts (and all the right wing media) was SO intent on finding who leaked the plan to overturn Roe. “Oh it was actually Alito who leaked it himself? Okay nevermind, we’ll sweep it under the rug like everything else and never mention it again, even though we were all so pretend-angry about it back then!”
  • Ted Cruz, Gosar, Peter Navarro, Boris Epstein (unsure on spelling), and anyone else who literally admitted to the coup attempt, and even came up with a name for it! (The Green Bay Sweep. Navarro and Boris were even on live TV basically confessing their crimes multiple times to Ari Melber.)
  • Charlie Kirk even organized buses in advance (and tweeted all about it) for people to travel to the insurrection
  • Ron DeSantis committing obvious crimes using federal funding for his multiple immigrant-kidnapping stunts
  • The ACTUAL voter fraud committed by Republicans, most notably in The Villages in Florida.
  • The Stormy Daniels affair and payoff (at the very least, you’d think Melania would care, but nah of course not. After all, Trump cheated on his previous wives too, so I guess it’s cool?)

The sad part is, I know I’m still forgetting things myself. But sure, please go on and on about “Hunter Biden.”

Mick Massicotte is self-described as “just a normal guy with gripes against zero-consequence Republicans and would say the same about Democrats too if they were as blatantly evil, but they’re not. And if they do happen to stray, Democrats actually do strive for accountability (see: Andrew Cuomo as an example).

The general American public, like myself just has very little faith that any accountability is coming from the higher-ups. Really really hoping to be proven wrong… but nothing has happened whatsoever to make us too hopeful?”


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