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Boulder County Commissioners pass Proclamation in support of Improved Medicare for All

Boulder County Commissioners pass Proclamation in support of Improved Medicare for All


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It’s a trend, Friend.
Boulder County joins more than 100
US localities urging action towards
universal, nonprofit, single payer health care.

If Boulder County residents enjoyed a nonprofit single system that paid for everyone’s comprehensive quality affordable health care, small businesses would have an easier time attracting and retaining employees; entrepreneurs would have the freedom to pursue their visions; people could afford housing more easily; and workers of all incomes in all sectors would be healthier.

Citing 14 reasons, Boulder County Commissioners Claire Levy, Ashley Stolzmann, and Marta Loachamin unanimously passed a Proclamation in Support of Improved Medicare for All on Jan. 31.

Boulder County residents shouldn’t have to worry about losing health care when they get married or divorced or care for a loved one, commissioners said. Vision, dental, and mental health should also be included in the universal health care plan.

“The Boulder County Board of County Commissioners hereby urges the Governor of Colorado, our state legislators and our congressional representatives to actively support legislation such as SB 4204, the Medicare for All Act of 2022 and calls on our state and federal legislators to work toward the immediate enactment of this, or substantially similar pieces of state or federal legislation, that results in comprehensive, affordable health care for all Boulder County residents and is funded by a not-for-profit, single payer system.”

Would you like to help pass a proclamation for nonprofit single-payer universal health care in your school district, town, county, or city? Join Jamestown, Fort Collins, Denver, and now Boulder County. Contact Rich Shannon at [email protected] to get involved.

Live in Boulder County? Thank your commissioners! commissioners@bouldercounty.org

About the Foundation: A 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care works to achieve guaranteed quality health care for all for life. The Foundation champions a universal health care system, the simplest most cost-effective way to pay for health care. Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

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