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Letter to the Editor | March 2023

Letter to the Editor | March 2023


Yellow Scene welcomes Letters to the Editor and is happy to publish your thoughts, within limit. Please send all love letters, hate mail, curious thoughts, and open letters to [email protected].

Since moving to Erie two years ago from Morris, Illinois, I have depended on Yellow Scene to acquaint me about everything from the best restaurants to dentists. I just look forward to getting
the latest addition to catch up on whats happening in Boulder area.

I taught history for 35 years and really enjoyed the look back at old Lafayette where my daughter lives and why I moved here to be close to grand kids. I think “tidbits” like the “dead work” of not getting paid to actually build the mines, but only mine the coal itself demonstrates how far we have come in the labor rights and how the former Mayor Mary Miller was instrumental in making Lafayette “dry” after loosing her husband to alcoholism speaks to how history is often shaped by strong personal experiences.

I also appreciate the current events about Ukraine, making the analogy of the Superior fire tragedy trying to give some perspective of imaging flames lasting for a year now with no end in sight. I found the geo-politics of the other former soviet republics near Ukraine, not covered by major media very interesting.

Very much look forward to the next issue, thanks for making me feel comfortable and informed in my new home.

Ken Iverson,

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