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Spotlight on Elephant Revival


Photo credit: Glenn Ross

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” That somewhat apocryphal quote from Mark Twain would be aptly attributed to Elephant Revival, the Nederland-based band whose “indefinite hiatus” has indeed come to an end. Or perhaps better stated — a new beginning. The much-adored indie-folk-rock-grass sextet has a big show coming up a Mission Ballroom March 25th, so we caught up with bassist/mandolinist/banjoist/vocalist Dango Rose to talk about where the band stands now, why they picked Mission for this rare show, and what else is on their mind about the music industry.

French Davis: At first it was a “break-up” but then it was downgraded (upgraded?) to a “hiatus”… What’s the real long-term status of Elephant Revival?

Dango Rose: The real long-term status of Elephant Revival is metamorphosizing. Right now, we are enjoying being in each other’s company and reveling in the moments when we are able do so. The opportunity to create and share this music means so much to us. The band never broke up, it was always on an indefinite hiatus. The necessity for change tends to reveal itself in mysterious ways. The best that any of us can do is to remain aware of the connections in our lives that are healing, re-generative and life-giving.

FD: What prompted the decision to perform at Mission? Why there, why now?

DR: We performed at Planet Bluegrass in August 2022 and had an incredibly uplifting experience. Through the process of playing that one show, we realized that we’d like to play another. We’ve been excited to play the Mission Ballroom ever since they opened their doors! What an incredible space. We have a lot of goodness planned for this show… The Tallest Man on Earth will be warming up the stage! We’ve heard tales of The Tallest Man on Earth’s infectious performances, and can’t wait to see Kristian Mattson and his band perform with us on March 25 at Mission Ballroom.

FD: How has the time off impacted the band, good and bad?

DR: The time off has been necessary for the band. When on the road for most of your adulthood, there are important areas of life that don’t receive the necessary attention. Having the time to nurture these areas of life has been important to all of us, in all ways.

FD: What, if any, musical influence would you attribute to the band’s Colorado roots?

DR: Colorado specifically, we developed and maintain roots first in Nederland, Colorado and then in Lyons, Colorado. We are part of the Colorado music lineage that roots back to the days of the Caribou Studios which then spawned a steady stream of bands that came out of this area.

FD: What do you know now about the music industry that you wish you knew when you got your start as a group?

DR: I’ve learned that the music industry feeds off perpetual motion, yet that is not the kind of energy that feeds and supports the longevity of the human soul. The live music experience, however, does support the longevity of the human soul. Which brings us back to the Mission Ballroom.

FD: Your last EP was released in 2016. Any plans for the next one?

DR: Our last full-length album, Petals, was released in 2016. Our process right now is one day at a time, one show at a time, one song at a time. We’re not going to hurry ourselves.

Elephant Revival plays Mission Ballroom in Denver on March 25 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $55, visit www.missionballroom.com for more information.


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