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Join us April 12 at the CO Capitol to call for an end on outrageous utility bills

Join us April 12 at the CO Capitol to call for an end on outrageous utility bills


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Graphic by Sarah Snead


Join us at the Colorado Capitol on Wednesday, April 12th to call on state lawmakers to transition us away from expensive methane gas and put an end to outrageous utility bills! Time is running out for legislators to act to protect Colorado ratepayers from the gas industry’s agenda to keep us hooked on fossil fuels for decades to come.


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In case you missed it, Colorado lawmakers took a historic step in March to protect Colorado ratepayers. They formed a special committee to investigate the root cause of our skyrocketing energy bills, and to no surprise found that the volatile cost of methane gas is to blame. Despite gas prices soaring to an all-time high with no signs of stopping, Colorado utilities are continuing to invest in expensive gas infrastructure, passing those costs along to ratepayers like you and me while communities across the state struggle to pay their bills.


No Coloradan should have to choose between heating their home and putting food on the table. It’s time for utilities to invest in cleaner, cheaper energy that will lower utility bills- not infrastructure that will keep us hooked on expensive methane gas for decades. That’s why we need our lawmakers to take action now to accelerate the transition away from gas and provide relief for Colorado ratepayers!


Join us this Wednesday, April 12th for a “Rally for Ratepayer Relief” to tell state lawmakers to transition away from gas and end the outrageous bills!


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Methane gas–from its extraction in our state to its burning in our homes–is the source of too many of Colorado’s clean air, affordability, and climate problems. If one thing is clear from the special committee’s hearings in March, it’s that our reliance on methane gas has got to go. But without concrete legislative action to chart a path for our transition away from gas, Colorado ratepayers will continue to be on the hook for utilities’ reckless investment in expensive gas infrastructure. 


We need relief from these ridiculously high bills now–and your voice at the legislature is needed to help make that happen. Join us for this rally to make it clear that Coloradans are fed up with our expensive energy bills and ready to break up with gas!


In community,


Sarah Snead

Senior Campaign Representative

Sierra Club CO

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