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Month in Review | June/July 2023

Month in Review | June/July 2023



  • Mike Johnston wins the Denver mayoral race, although neither candidate was likely to bring about real change.
  • Boulder Beat to close down at the end of this year, sadly ending one of the best voices for real, local Boulder journalism.
  • Boulder Police Oversight Panel member Lisa Sweeney-Miran is removed by City Council, prompting the panel to pause their work.
  • In yet another controversy, Aurora Police execute an armed teenage boy fleeing from officers after stealing vape cartridges.
  • Governor Polis signs “Magic Mushroom” Bill into law, regulating newly approved psychedelic drug therapy.
  • Dacono City Councilmembers Jackie Thomas and Jim Turini are recalled over their abrupt actions surrounding the removal of the City Manager.
  • Louisville City Councilmember Maxine Most faces a recall election regarding her alleged lack of compassion following the Marshall Fire.
  • With recent laws against transgender care, Colorado is offering itself as a safe haven for youths in need of gender affirming care.


  • Trump indicted a second time, this time 37 counts including for hiding confidential documents. His lawyers immediately quit.
  • Wildfire smoke from Canada obscures views of NYC and creates mass health hazards across North America. Canada still burns.
  • Private fishing trips, vacations, and other potentially corrupting events have come to light surrounding multiple conservative Supreme Court Justices bringing into question the ethics of judicial decision.
  • Hollywood writers go on strike, stalling many major productions and delaying releases.
  • Texas woman who traveled to Colorado for an abortion was shot and killed by her boyfriend when she returned home.
  • George Santos turned himself in and pleaded not guilty to charges of financial crimes.


  • Explosion rocks the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine with evidence pointing towards Russia as the culprit. This will disrupt water and power supply for tens of thousands of people.
  • France erupts in protests when a minority teen boy was killed by the police. Don’t worry, you won’t need to cancel your summer trip to Paris.
  • Charles III is crowned King of England, which we honestly still cannot believe is a thing in this day and age.

Small Talk:

“Today is the day that Black Americans really get to celebrate our freedom … And in that, it’s important to get the whole community involved and engaged in that so that we can uplift Black voices together as a community.”Terryjosiah Sharpe, coordinator of Colorado Springs first widespread Juneteenth celebration

“It’s good. It’s good. The job is done. We can go home now.”Nikola Jokic on his incredible performance winning the NBA Championship with the Denver Nuggets

“Her pleas for help were shrugged off, she said, and she was repeatedly sent home from the hospital. Doctors and nurses told her she was suffering from normal contractions, she said, even as her abdominal pain worsened and she began to vomit bile. Angelica said she wasn’t taken seriously until a searing pain rocketed throughout her body and her baby’s heart rate plummeted.”Angelica Lyons on giving birth as a Black woman via AP News

“I can’t imagine how terrible this must be for the child’s family, and also our first responder community… Today has been heavy for the City of Boulder, and we are all thinking of the family who just lost their child.”Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold on the accidental drowning of a 9-year old in Boulder Creek

“I was incredibly surprised given the fact that I’ve been happily married to a woman for the last 15 years.” – Said Stewart, the man named in the Supreme Court ruling that just set back gay rights

By the Numbers:

$107,500Amount a family of four need to earn to live comfortably in the BOCO region
63.01 DegreesHottest overall average temperature ever recorded for the globe this past July 4th
2018Year when Titanic submersible company OceanGate was warned their underwater vehicle was not safe
28.8Amount of points Ron DeSantis lags behind Trump in latest poll according to fivethirtyeight.com
$56,000Base pay for teachers in St. Vrain Valley School District after recent raise by the district


Austin Clinkenbeard
Austin Clinkenbeard has been traveling the world with his wife for the past several years exploring food, history and culture along the way. He is a passionate advocate for stronger social science education and informed global travel. Austin holds degrees in Anthropology and Political Science from San Diego State. When he’s home there’s a good chance you can catch him cooking allergy friendly food. You can follow along Austin’s travel adventures and food allergy journey at www.NowWeExplore.com.

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