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The Oil & Gas Industry is taking us to the Supreme Court this week! Please help us Phase Out Fracking By 2030!

The Oil & Gas Industry is taking us to the Supreme Court this week! Please help us Phase Out Fracking By 2030!


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Message courtesy of Safe & Healthy Colorado.

I’m serving as one of two designated representatives for Safe & Healthy Colorado’s statewide ballot initiative campaign to phase out new fracking permits in Colorado by 2030. This is not just about protecting our environment; it’s about safeguarding the health and well-being of every Coloradan and securing a brighter, sustainable future for generations to come.

I became active in the fight to stop fracking 2019 after a massive site was moved from a predominately white affluent school to less than 700 feet from the playground of my son’s school, Bella Romero Academy, which is attended primarily by children from less wealthy families, the majority are people of color, and many are immigrants.

Unfortunately, today there are still wells at Bella Romero. That is why I am committed more than ever to end fracking in Colorado. Our children’s health and safety must be protected  and prioritized. I am currently serving as a member of the Safe & Healthy Colorado Steering Committee and I have volunteered to be a lead proponent for the ballot initiative to phase out fracking.

Oil and gas industry attorneys have challenged the language approved by the Colorado Title Board after two hearings that would allow us to gather signatures to place the initiative on the 2024 statewide ballot. Because the Title Board is part of the Secretary of State’s office, challenges go to the highest court in the state. We need to raise $20,000 to cover legal and administrative expenses.

Will you make a donation today to help us win this battle for a safer, healthier future?

Your generous donation will not only fund legal representation; it will empower us to take this historic effort the next step toward the 2024 ballot so voters can create tangible change toward a clean energy future.

By investing in this campaign, you are taking a stand for a safer and healthier Colorado. You are supporting efforts to preserve our precious land, purify our air, and safeguard our water resources. You ‘re actively participating in the development of a 21st-century economy, built on clean energy and sustainable practices.

Timing is crucial. Early donations like yours, have a tremendous impact on the rest of our campaign. They not only demonstrate widespread support but build momentum for the movement.

Please join us in this fight for a better tomorrow and learn more at safeandhealthyco.org.

Thank you for being an unwavering supporter and for your commitment to the protection and well-being of all of our children and our beautiful state. With your help, we can turn our vision of a Safe & Healthy Colorado into reality.

En Solidaridad,
Patricia Garcia-Nelson
Designated Representative
Safe and Healthy Colorado

Paid for by Safe and Healthy Colorado.

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