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Community Organizers Host Celebration of New Mural Highlighting the Hispanic Beetworkers of Fort Collins

Community Organizers Host Celebration of New Mural Highlighting the Hispanic Beetworkers of Fort Collins


Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.

WHAT: History Colorado’s Museum of Memory Initiative, in collaboration with Mujeres de Colores, is excited to announce a celebration for the completion of the Fort Collins Hispanic Mural Project’s Para Mi Familia mural. This vibrant, 20-foot-high mural spans more than 1800 square feet and is painted on the wall of one of Fort Collins’ iconic Mexican restaurants, Los Tarascos, to celebrate the Hispanic/Mexican community.

WHY: This celebration represents the unveiling of a highly visual community shareback that has been created from the Fort Collins Hispanic Beetworker “Betabeleros” Memory Project that History Colorado has facilitated in Fort Collins since March of 2023. Through a number of local workshops, the Fort Collins Hispanic Beetworker “Betabeleros” Memory Project was able to spotlight the histories of hispanic beetworker families and collect both individual and collective memories to shed light on their stories. More importantly, this project incorporates the communal sense of pride, resilience, and work ethic, all while connecting these historical experiences to those of current migrant workers laboring in the fields today.

Para Mi Familia, created by well-known Northern Colorado muralist Armando Silva, will encourage conversation and spark curiosity about Hispanic/Mexican cultural heritage and the part it plays in the larger Fort Collins community, while also providing an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Hispanic cultures and instilling pride, belonging, interaction, and human connection.

The unveiling of Para Mi Familia represents the next step in ongoing efforts by Mujeres de Colores and History Colorado to foster communities where everyone belongs and tell a more complete history of the Centennial State.

September 15 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Los Tarascos Restaurant,
622 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins CO

Betty Aragon-Mitotes, Founder of Mujeres de Colores
Armando Silva, well-known Northern Colorado muralist
Yadira Solis, Director of Museum of Memory

Interviews will be available at the event with community members as well as staff from Mujeres de Colores and History Colorado’s Museum of Memory Project. If you would like to schedule interviews in advance, please contact Luke Perkins (luke.perkins@state.co.us / 970-799-5783) or Betty Aragon-Mitotes (blaragon@msn.com/ 970-412-4536) to schedule advance interviews.
For Spanish interviews please contact: Yadira Solis, yadira.solis@state.co.us / 720-323-0303

Email Luke Perkins at luke.perkins@state.co.us or Betty Aragon-Mitotes at blaragon@msn.com if you intend to attend this free celebration.

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