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SVVSD Superintendent Don Haddad threatens police on questioning parents

SVVSD Superintendent Don Haddad threatens police on questioning parents


Unanswered questions regarding Erie Cheer allegations prompted backlash by Haddad during open forum

Tuesday Night, October 3rd, 2023 at Erie High School, St. Vrain Valley School District Superintendent Don Haddad was making the circuit to promote the upcoming bond SVVSD hopes to pass. 

It is worth mentioning Yellow Scene Magazine supports this bond and hopes voters will approve it. The region is growing, and our schools and children need it. Overall SVVSD has grown into a top school district over the years.

The event was described in email from SVVSD as an “open forum … ” held in order to “provide an opportunity for Dr. Haddad and other district leaders to listen to our community’s questions and suggestions … ”

However, on the subject of Nora Roth, the Erie Coach accused of missing funds, abusive language and a disregard for safety by 21 different people, Haddad was far less receptive to talking with parents or journalists.

Two individuals showed up at the meeting to ask questions about the lack of communication between the district and concerned parents about missing funds from the Erie High School Cheer team.

“I’m not going to respond to this here” Haddad replied to the question regarding allegations against Roth. Haddad then stated the district had received awards for financial transparency after being asked when an audit for the Erie Cheer team would be available for parents. The event ended after these questions.

Following this, one of the individuals attempted to hand Dr. Haddad a folder containing statements regarding Coach Roth she had collected from the community, including ones of financial impropriety.

Haddad turned away the folder and threatened to call the police on both individuals.

When a member of YS attempted to ask Haddad about his lack of response, Haddad replied that he would call the police on them as well. YS had to remind Haddad that he is a public servant on public property being asked a question by a journalist.


Austin Clinkenbeard
Austin Clinkenbeard has been traveling the world with his wife for the past several years exploring food, history and culture along the way. He is a passionate advocate for stronger social science education and informed global travel. Austin holds degrees in Anthropology and Political Science from San Diego State. When he’s home there’s a good chance you can catch him cooking allergy friendly food. You can follow along Austin’s travel adventures and food allergy journey at www.NowWeExplore.com.

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