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yellow scene  magazine cover for April 2012
Best of the West

The Annual Transportation Issue

Yellow Scene Magazine's Greg Campbell explores various aspects of driving, commuting and moving on the Front Range: A Parent's Final Frontier Derailed: A look at FasTracks Show me the Stimulus


The Annual Transportation Issue

Yellow Scene Magazine's Greg Campbell explores various aspects of driving, commuting and moving on the Front Range: A Parent's Final Frontier Derailed: A look at FasTracks Show me the Stimulus

Best of the West 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Best of the West. Here, you'll find the best restaurants, bars, shops, spas, people and places in Boulder and East Boulder County. Each readers' choice category has a Boulder and East County winner. And you can also check out our editors' picks. Enjoy! Readers' food and drink Critics' food and drink Readers' health and beauty Critics' health and beauty Readers'


Spring Awakening

There I am: my rear-end hanging off a cushy bike seat into the busy early evening traffic of downtown Boulder. I am pedaling with abandon. It’s a good feeling—and spring is most definitely in the air. Everyone seems so happy and revived. People are smiling. Soon, there will be sustenance: snacks and drinks and conversation. But first, I must pedal my rear-end—and 15 others—across an

Off Track

As romantic and quaint and hip as it would be to commute between Boulder (and Longmont) and Denver by train, it’s not going to happen any time soon. And it shouldn’t; not with the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe railroad calling the shots. Moreover, the immediate alternative—Bus Rapid Transit (or some version thereof)—is much better. Yes, there was big talk about commuter rail linking


Spotlight: Chef Jenna Johansen

Colorado native Jenna Johansen is as much a staple of the local food scene as pork belly these days. The co-owner (and former executive chef) of Dish in Vail has an impressive resume, including corporate chef for Pappadeaux, executive chef at Ventura Grill and Ocotillo restaurants in South Denver, and is a Johnson and Wales grad. Jenna also happens to be one of the inaugural contestants on

Basement to Brewery

Triple A baseball is to the Major Leagues as home brewing is to craft beer. If you want to see tomorrow’s brewing stars in action—while meeting great people, stoking your inner foodie and enjoying a homebrew—join a homebrew club. I say this because we are fast approaching National Homebrew Day (May 5) and American Craft Beer Week (May 14–20), so get your wort to boiling so you’ve got


A Recreation Romance

As a single, hard-skiing woman living in Colorado, my technique for meeting men has largely been focused on chairlifts and microbreweries. My “weekends” are Thursdays and Fridays, thus I often find myself enjoying a clear I-70 and no lift lines. That also means I occasionally find myself wondering how I got lost in Rocky Mountain National Park yet again and if I told someone where I was in


Challenging Elements: Arugula at Flagstaff House

I recently pondered arugula. What does one do with arugula besides tossing it on a plate with dressing? How does one make the peppery green really shine outside of the salad realm? In an ode to spring, we challenged the masters of high-end, luxurious Colorado cuisine to create an inspired dish that puts arugula at the forefront. “At first, I thought, ‘Well, we do an arugula salad. We

Review: Could Be A Smash Hit

I’m sure every review of Tossa Pizza so far has mentioned the glut of excellent pizzerias in Boulder (and I just made this one no exception), but interestingly, Tossa fills its own niche. It’s not fast food or delivery like Naked Pizza; it’s not white tablecloth like Pizzeria Locale. It’s something in between. And it works. Started by Tom Ryan, creator of the Smashburger chain, Tossa

A Social Experiment

It’s interesting to me that in our culture, dining at a community table is not a common practice. I often find myself dining “alone” at a community table at events that I attend as part of my work, and I have found them to be some of the richest, most memorable dining experiences I’ve had. “We’re interestingly vulnerable in a community dining setting,” Christine Vasquez, owner of


Month in Review

A Lafayette man was ticketed for animal abuse when he tethered his cat to a rock after the animal refused to jog with him; police received calls that the cat was being attacked by “a flock of birds” while the owner finished his run. Peyton Manning hadn’t even signed his contract to be the Broncos’ starting quarterback before some Tim Tebow fans coined a nickname for him: Satan Manning

Cheat sheet

Here’s Your Sign

You see them on practically every street corner, the royalty of human billboards, those iconic Liberty Tax rump-shakers and sign-wavers. But with Tax Day looming on April 17, they will soon vanish, leaving commuters with no one to stare at while stopped at red lights, except for those Statue-of-Liberty wannabes spinning arrows for mattress stores, open houses and other businesses. It’s just not