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yellow scene  magazine cover for March 2020


Spotlight on John Common

It’s impossible to talk about the singer-songwriter genre in Colorado without talking about John Common. His residency as a long-tenured laureate of sorts is unimpeachable, as is his street cred.


Off Menu with Chris Tiegland

Anyone who dines at Eat at Community in downtown Lafayette can thank Chris Teigland’s mother for being a pastry chef in Chicago in his childhood. Having a muse in his home gave him the motivation to show care through hand crafted food. ‘It was a lot safer for me to be inside baking than to be out on the streets,” Teigland said of his early life. 

Going gaga over Gaijin Street Food: Foodie – March 2020

Owners April Bliss and Brooks Steele are what some might call spring chickens to the food truck industry. Their newest venture, Gaijin Street Food, made its maiden voyage onto the mobile food scene on March 3. But Bliss and Steele aren’t new to the cuisine world. Their cuisine experience began in Baltimore, Maryland over six years ago. Steele was a chef and Bliss was in the wine and restaurant world before their move to Longmont.

Month in Review

Month in Review – March 2020

The Coronavirus took over the world. This has resulted in shutdowns around the nation, incredible amounts of strain on support services and infrastructure, the economy, people's ability to make a living or even just live their lives. As evidence, this March issue is almost a month late getting out. Stay home. May the odds be ever in your favor. 


120 Questions To Get You Summer Camp Ready

It’s the time of year when you’re trying to figure out your child’s activities for the summer. Sure, you need to keep them busy, but you also want them to have more than just be a string of days spent doing one thing or another while they’re out of school.

Also in This Edition

SuperKids 2020: Ethan Frank

Heroes demonstrate the full extent of the human potential, encourage us to strive for the ambitious heights of greatness, and teach us the effective methods we can use to perform our particular crafts with exceptional skill. We call them SuperKids.

From BOCO to Dupree: A Story of Two Y’s Local Youth Making an Impact in Indian Country

Their Y is strong, and with the help of others they’ll continue to have a central beacon providing the young people of the Cheyenne River Reservation the fun and safety that they all deserve.


Erik Maulbetsch – Founding Editor of Yellow Scene Magazine | Ourticles: the Yellow Scene Story

Genetically, you get your smarts from your momma. Or so I’ve heard. In our case, we get it from our great, great, great (insert however many editors we’ve had) grandfather, our very first editor, Erik Maulbetsch, and every editor since.