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Check Out Old Town Niwot


Platted in 1875, Niwot has blossomed into a funky gathering place of Boulder County yuppies, shops and cafés with mountain views.

1. Wise Buys Antiques
Piles of late 19th century mantles, dressers and tables greet you upon entrance. Owner Tim Wise is likely in back working on refurbishing furniture. He and wife Carrie are about the only things in the place younger than Niwot. 190 Second Ave. 303.652.2888

2. Left Hand Grange No. 9
The Grange has been around since the first Roosevelt was in office, but it’s in dire need of repair. About $100k is needed to save it; there’s a progress marker painted on the side of the 102-year-old building—there’s a ways to go. 195 Second Ave. 303.652.2749

3. Niwot Market
The community market is just the tip of the relatively large Cottonwood Square shopping center. On top of having a flower shop, butcher and video store inside, it is the place where neighbors run into each other.
7980 Niwot Road. 303.652.0919

4. Treppeda’s Italian Ristorante
Besides an inexpensive Italian menu featuring gourmet sandwiches for lunch and a bevy of pasta and meat dishes for dinner, this quaint bistro has a beautiful patio, lively crowd and two-for-one drinks during happy hour (5-6:30 p.m.). 300 2nd Ave. 303.652.1606

5. Rockin’ Robins
One of the more exciting thrift shops you’ll find. It features contemporary clothes with a side of retro flair, and a loud, booming authentic jukebox. 124 2nd Ave. 303.652.4144

6. La Cavasita
George and Teri Keeler fell in love with wines from Mendoza, so much so it helped inspire them to open a boutique wine shop in the old Niwot Tribune building. Inside you’ll find a smattering of tasty, hard-to-find selections. 198 2nd Ave. 303.652.2963

ALSO: Eat the Big Kahuna at Garden Gate Café (7960 Niwot Rd.), order buffalo carpaccio at Colterra (210 Franklin St.), caffeinate at Eye Opener (132 2nd Ave.), see music at Niwot Tavern (7960 Niwot Rd.), shop at Buffalo Indian Room
(165 2nd Ave.) and rest at the Niwot Inn (342 2nd Ave.).

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