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October Letters to the Editor


Sift Through The Sarcasm
Dear Editor,

Instead of poking fun at an event (“Ollying the Bible,” September), we should appreciate that local churches are willing to pioneer new means of connecting with younger generations. In a country that raises its eyebrows disapprovingly at the name “Jesus” thus an uphill battle for the church to interest youth. I think that meeting kids where they are at is indeed a great marketing strategy. When there are so many other directions vying for a kid’s attention, why shouldn’t the church compete even harder? I hope some readers were able to see through the sarcastic tone of the article and value the creative effort of the church to engage in kids’ lives.
—Amy Helling, Lafayette

Erie Trying To Grab Too Much Land
Dear Editor,

If the Town of Erie was going to build an attached trail along County Line Road (“Boiling Point: That Evil Word: Condemnation,” August), within their existing road right-of-way, don’t you think it would actually already be built? What the town is not telling everyone is that they want an additional 30 feet from the existing right-of-way for it to be a “detached” meandering trail. That’s a big difference for the homeowners who live along County Line and only have a 45-foot setback from the road.

Additionally, there are other options Erie has yet to explore for a truly Safe Route to School, located on the boundary between the proposed Lost Creek Farm and Osprey Development.
I think if we want what’s truly best and safest for our children, let’s demand a look at all the options.
—Marie Lin Gabriella, County Line Road Resident, Unincorporated Boulder County

We Loathe That You Loathe Us
Dear Editor,

I loathed that The Yellow Scene found a resolution opposing the Iraq War “meaningless” (“Slumber Session,” June). Your obvious hostility toward taking a principled stand promotes apathy. Chalk one more publication up to being part of the problem and not the solution. I now loathe The Yellow Scene.
—Amy Meier, Longmont

Editor’s Note: We loathe getting hate mail, but in this case we stand by our position that state lawmakers should be more concerned with Colorado’s education, roads and healthcare than bickering over a bill opposing President Bush’s Iraq War.

Some Love From Loyal Readers
Dear Editor,
Does The Yellow Scene have a comment line or place to provide any feedback? We love all the freebies you guys do. They’re wonderful!!! Thanks!
—Jacquie Velasquez, Frederick

Dear Editor,
You guys are amazing. Thanks.
—David Glow, Lafayette

Dear Editor,
Thank-you so much! You just made my day. You’re the best!
—Patricia Hunter, Lafayette

Editor’s Note: Yes, we love to bribe readers into loving us by giving away food, tickets and all sorts of other cool stuff. You’ll love us to if you become a Subscriber Card member and start winning. Click here for details.

Corrections: They Might Be Giants have done a lot of things in its career, but they never wrote that catching Istanbul song as we reported (“They Might Still Be New Wave,” September). They just sang it into pop culture history. Also, in an ad for Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch, we gave you the wrong website.

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