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Under The Banner Of Tax Shelter


Just in time for election season, the city of Longmont has a bona-fide controversy boiling. City council approved annexing 348 acres for a massive mixed-use development project by a non-profit closely tied to Lifebridge church. By bringing the project into city limits, Longmont stands to spend upwards of $800,000 annually to provide services to the community. It could recoup that and more in sales tax and land use fees. Therein lies the problem. Direct questions as to how much of the development would be deemed religious use (and thus tax exempt) have been skirted, meaning its unclear what, if any, payoff Longmont will receive. Detractors have petitioned to force council to reconsider or place the measure to public vote.

What’s Next: Once 4,021 petition signatures are verified, Longmont city council will likely opt to hold a special election early next year.

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