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Think $100 Will Stop The Purchase Of An SUV?


Banking on sticker shock to deter Colorado residents from buying gas-guzzling cars and trucks seems like somewhat of a stretch, considering the so-called “shock” may come in the form of a tiny $100 tax. Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, plans to introduce legislation in early 2008 that would impose a one-time “gas guzzler” tax on the purchase of cars that don’t meet a certain miles per gallon threshold (likely 20 or 25). The money would be used to fund the state’s Office of Smart Growth. Levy thinks the minimal surcharge would get people to think twice about buying a Suburban or other gas-wasting SUV. It doesn’t seem that a paltry hundred bucks will dissuade someone already considering the purchase of a $35,000 truck.

What’s Next: We wait for the start of the legislative session in January (and Levy being labeled a “tree-hugger”) and hope that any legislation passed will have more teeth than a C-Note.

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