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French Connection


As ’08 promises a year of political squabbling, economic turmoil and yet another season of “American Idol,” it becomes my charge to provide a distraction akin to the religious epiphany of the ilk that moved Moses to the Mount and the Wise Men to the Star—not to overstate a column about rock concerts or anything…

It’s Their Year, Now
I’ve said it here before, and, to be honest, I’m surprised my words haven’t proven to be more prophetic, but I remain optimistic. I’m speaking to my previous lauding of the Hot IQs, which I’m still pretty sure will be the next band to break out of Colorado. From their lush guitarscapes and clever hookery to their pop song craft and thoughtfully sardonic dissection of social mores (“You’re looking tough in your retro ’70s muff/it’s not as dumb the second time around”) this band has everything in place to be big time. Maybe ’08 is the year. 9:30 p.m., Dec. 22, Bluebird Theater, Denver. $10. 303.322.2308.

Trashy Way To Celebrate
The beer cans litter the ground a few feet from the aluminum door on the side of the trailer. A lonely plastic flamingo lolls haphazardly to its side, threatening to topple over from the next stiff breeze. The sickly pungent smell of spam and beans wafts on the crisp night air as the TV blares a holiday rerun of “Hee Haw.” It’s a White Trash Xmas, and Blister 66, Eight Bucks Experiment, Dead Guys Watch and Snapstick Dynamite are gonna rock your face off until you forget that your entire retirement plan is to smoke yourself into an early grave and have the good sense to die young of lung cancer. Bah humbug indeed. 7:30 p.m., Dec. 22, Gothic Theatre, Englewood. $5. 303.788.0984.

A Worthwhile Hangover
New Year’s Eve is always a thorn in your side because no matter what you do, you end up nursing an anticlimactic hangover and wondering how the hell you ended up in Rifle. Or maybe that’s just me. Play it safe with a guaranteed home run: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club’s  annual show at the Bluebird. For years, its blend of fiery preacher and southern-flavored Americana rock has been the best thing about New Year’s in the Mile High, except for that one year when everyone thought the world was going to end and cashed in all their stocks and bonds for a basement full of canned food. 9 p.m. Dec. 31, Boulder Theater, Boulder. $22.50. 303.322.2308.

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