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May Letters to the Editor


Sex Sells
Dear Editor,
Nice cover (“Best of the West,” April). Never been into cowboys, but he could change my mind.
—Ruth Meere, Lafayette

Editor’s Note: Sorry ladies, our cowboy is spoken for.

The Old Needs Some Love
Dear Editor,
Thank you, Jacob Harkins, for your thought-provoking piece on Old Town Erie (“Out With the Old, In With New,” April). Here is my point of view: Notoriously under represented since development took hold in the 1990s, Old Town remains overlooked by a government ever eager to cater to corporate greed. The Briggs Street extension, a proposed Business District, keeping the Post Office at Briggs and Wells—these are after-thoughts, puny postscripts that don’t even begin to address our problems. Substantial opportunities, such as the new library or community center, are built elsewhere. It doesn’t make sense, when the Town of Erie owns many parcels within Old Town, which are suitable for development—Linear Park, for example. We have become a community of short-term residents. For better or worse, as a society, we are more mobile and less connected to each other. How many of our elected officials have blithely moved on to greener pastures after permanently altering the character and composition of the town that many of us hold dear? Please spare us the gratuitous window dressing, folks. How about a fair shake?
—Liz Fisher, Erie

Have Some Class, Please
Dear Editor,
I was very disappointed with the commentary in the current issue of Yellow Scene. You mentioned the incident of the priest running naked on the track (“Best of the West: Best Running Loop,” April). Why was it necessary to include this? It is offensive to the entire church to joke at the expense of the priest. If that is how you get readers, I would not recommend this publication to others—the “joke” was truly offensive.
—Adrienne Barlow, Erie

Editor’s Note: Apparently we only made ourselves laugh with this pick. Sorry!

Let’s Talk About Karma
Dear Editor,
That “Karma” you speak of could return to those who earned it. Yes, Boulder did invite Longmont to participate in the study on pooling sales tax within the county (“Boiling Point,” April). And, yes, Longmont declined—one further example of the ineptitude of the previous city council. The council elected in November did resurrect the subject at a joint Longmont City Council/Boulder County Commissioners meeting, but by that time it was too late as the study was nearly completed.

The “border war” with Firestone, however, is a separate issue altogether. LifeBridge/Corporation for Community Christian Connection (4C) is the instigator of this warfare with the assistance of outgoing Firestone Mayor Mike Simone, whose thought processes are more than a little warped, as reported in a number of outlets. LifeBridge desperately wants annexation into a cit—any city—for many reasons, not the least of which is saving a ton of money on water. They don’t give a hoot who they can sucker into this, just as long as they can. Whoever gets this, will enter into religious-tax-exemption hell. But they can’t say they weren’t warned about Colorado Title 39, Article 3, Section 106.

Fortunately the City of Longmont has had the good judgment to tell Firestone to stay out of our backyard and will back that up in the courts. The community of Longmont has spoken loudly and clearly on many occasions. We don’t want development around Union Reservoir. It is a very sensitive bald eagle ecosystem, among other environmental concerns.

Perhaps one of these days—sooner rather than later—LifeBridge will put its intentions where its rhetoric is, spare the area the divisiveness, and just GO AWAY!
—Kaye Fissinger, Longmont

So Many Choices, So Little Time
Dear Editor,
Best of the West made me very proud of the community where I live (“Best of the West,” April). I’m surprised so many businesses were voted for in Lafayette (where I live). YEA. I highlighted all the business that I want to visit in ALL areas. I usually don’t venture to Longmont; but I’m going to start. Thanks.
—Cristi Moore, Lafayette

How Am I Supposed To Put The Moves On My Spouse
Dear Editor,
This really hits home (“A Whole New List of Pet Peeves,” April). When our family goes out or even just stays home for dinner, the rule is that all cell phones are turned off. We are there to be a family and talk. Not texting their boyfriends/girlfriends, not playing games, and not checking their e-mail. I thought that having a computer at home was to do most of that.

I just hate the lack of etiquette as far as cell phones go. When you are in a romantic restaurant there is nothing more infuriating than having someone else’s cell phone ring to the tune of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” while you are trying to put the sexy eye move on your spouse. Thanks for letting me comment—sorry, vent.
—Diana Holden, Frederick

You Guys Are The Best
Dear Editor,
Haven’t had a lot of time to read much more than the Best picks (“Best of the West,” April), but that was great! Had been sick for a full week, so I took the magazine out to my backyard and just perused the “best” while I soaked up a bit of sun. It was great!
—Nancy Owen, Lafayette

Love The Trendy NoBo Advice
Dear Editor,
I appreciated the article on NoBo (“Check Out: NoBo,” April). I often go to Pearl Street but I forget about going to NoBo—I look forward to trying some of the businesses you wrote about.
—Veronica Daly, Erie

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