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This Weekend’s Pick: The Other Funny Kermit


Let’s be honest, Kermit Holiday has a great name for a comic. But he is not to be mistaken for Kermit the Frog, although both are skinny and in the profession of making people laugh.

Holiday is not green, he’s simply historical.

He has even been deemed the “World’s Skinniest Comic.” Somehow that provides even more legitimacy to the act. Holiday is on a national stand up tour and he’s bringing his 20 years of performing to Wits End Comedy Club in Westminster this weekend. If you haven’t checked out Wits End before, this is a great chance to see the funniest stages in the North Metro region.

Holiday focuses on pop culture and also sells funny homemade novelty items at his shows—a pair of Styrofoam antlers proclaiming “Buck Off,” for example.

So make fun of Holiday for being a “Skinny Man,” but don’t confuse him with that aforementioned frog and don’t miss him this weekend.

Kermit Holiday through May 10 at Wits End Comedy Club, 8861 Harlan St., Westminster, 303.430.4242.

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