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What a Surprise, Tancredo Trashing a Liberal Idea


I’m a liberal. I went to the University of Colorado. I admit it would have been nice to see a few more right leaning professors on campus. So it was met with optimism when the Boulder college announced plans to lure top thinking conservative minds to teach on the campus always considered to be a tree-hugging haven through a $9 million endowment.

Give CU credit for trying to breed good, political conversation on campus.

Then, Tom Tancredo had to go ahead and steal the headlines with his shortsighted perspective. The uber conservative Tancredo, a Colorado congressman, in mocking the university’s plan, offered his services as a professor. He even named a few classes he’d teach: “English Only 101” and “American Assimilation. The idea of a 20-foot-high fence around the shool’s border was also mentioned.

Sure, it’s kind of funny. But only when you think of it in terms of poking fun at Tom Turkey. Now, I’ve met with Mr. Tancredo before. He’s a nice guy when you sit down with him in person. But he is a racist, plan and simple. He has a one-track mind—getting rid of Mexicans here illegally.

He rarely offers good solutions, such as programs to help convince Mexicans to cross the border legally. Instead, Tancredo wants to build walls and hatred toward all Hispanics while building support among fellow conservatives.

He’s threatened to bomb Mecca. He’s called Miami a third world country. Basically, all he does is breed hate and racism.

Tancredo’s press aide told the Boulder Daily Camera he was just poking fun at CU and has no plans of teaching there upon retirement. That’s good news—it seems he is actually pondering retiring.

Maybe he’ll go away soon and leave CU to do what he cannot—build support on both sides of the political spectrum.
—Jacob Harkins

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