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Splitting Headache


You have to wonder if some people are just oblivious to the advantages they have. A group of well-minded Boulder Valley School District parents want to split the district. You know, the same district that is a leader in per-pupil funding and has families sending kids into its district lines just to get a piece of some of the best education in the state. Apparently that’s not enough for some who feel an East and West split is in order to help curb the size of the district that educates 28,000 kids in 55 schools. Sure, it’s a big district, but when you have oodles of money, including a 2006 voter-approved bond worth nearly $300 million, you have to wonder why people want to mess with a good thing.

[What’s Next] School officials don’t seem motivated to explore the issue, but if proponents gather 22,000 signatures, they will force the issue to a future ballot.

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