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Check Out Old Town Lyons


Lyons is the gateway to endless summertime adventures. All too often, we just pass by en route to somewhere else. Do yourself a favor and budget a few hours in Old Town.

1. The Stone Cup Café
It’s a true novelty to walk into a coffee shop and smell baked goodies actually baking. Everything on the shelves (breads, scones, cinnamon rolls) is made fresh daily. Added bonus for being eco-friendly: Nearly everything sold is compostable. 442 High St., 303.823.2345

2. Rabbit Mountain Cottage Furnishings
People travel here from all over the Front Range for one simple reason: The furniture inside features some of the most vibrant hand-painted color schemes anywhere. 605 5th Ave., 303.823.6445

3. Ma’s Pizza
Every tourist town needs a pizzeria, and we always hope to stumble into a good one. This simply New York-style joint offers a tasty, unique twist—cream cheese as an ingredient. It’s awesome! 430 A Main St., 303.823.6262

4. South Creek Limited
Bamboo fly-fishing rods went out of style in the ’30s, but being a sport that requires such a personal touch means they are still in demand. This shop is home to one of a few custom bamboo rod makers left—it also sells vintage models from other companies. For custom work, be prepared to drop thousands and wait five years. 415 Main St., 303.823.6402

5. Left-Hand Trading Co.
Sometimes smelling like old is good—like the inside of an antique store. Find the rare books, furniture and jewelry you could have made tons of money off of if only you’re grandpa had saved them. 401 Main St., 3003.823.6311

6. Oskar Blues Grill and Brewery
No stop in Lyons is complete without sliding up to the bar and ordering a beer from the brewery that made cans cool again. 303 Main St., 303.823.6685

Also: Enjoy an elk tenderloin at Andrea’s Homestead Café (303.823.5000), indulge in a homemade pie at the Lyons Café (303.823.6983), see where Breggos come from at Scarpelli’s (303.823.8856) and find out about cool mountain music fests through Planet Bluegrass (800.624.2422).

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    From a local’s point of view, I’d say you all did a pretty good job of naming the highlights of Lyons. Cheers for mentioning Carlton’s excellent establishment, Ma’s Pizza, and Sam & Mindy’s home-away from home, the Stone Cup.
    But you missed mentioning one of the gems of Lyons, of all Boulder County, and even all of Colorado, the Gateway Cafe. The writer may have seen the For Sale sign out front, but those of us who love the natural, local food prepared with care and creativity have our fingers crossed that it will take a while before James and Noriko leave our little town for other culinary adventures. Before it’s too late, I’d recommend others take the trip to Lyons to dine at the Gateway Cafe. You’ll find a cross-section of our town there, from starving musicians and bartenders who have saved up their gig money and tips, to soccer moms and real estate agents, newcomers and those who grew up in Lyons, they all know the Gateway is a treasure in our town.

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