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Vegetarians Are Hot


At least that’s what the protein-starved minds at PETA think. Tofu chewers within the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals selected CU freshman Leonard Sun as the “Cutest Male Vegetarian Alive.”

Word on the street indicates Sun wowed the judges with his one-piece seaweed swimsuit. Sun is so cute, I can’t decide if I should hug him or club him like a baby seal. Sun beat out 1,700 dudes in a competition designed to raise awareness about vegetarianism among teens and young adults. The judges selected cute kids who don’t eat animals.

The top chick award went to Kelly Anderson, 18, of San Antonio. Sun, a 19-year-old film major, gave up meat three years ago. He turned away from burgers after viewing a PETA video that explained the joys of food production. “It is sad to see what animals go through just so we can eat them,” Sun told the media. Check out PETA’s website for details on the contest and the meat-hating hotties.

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