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Finally, Fondue to Write Home About


Being a man in this world often means you cannot go out for fondue without a few snickers from other male friends. After a horrendous experience at a fondue restaurant in downtown Denver (already written about it in this blog, so I’ll refrain from naming it again), I began to wonder whether having my manhood challenged was worth it.

Fondue is, assuming it’s done right.

Enter the Melting Pot. Sure, this is a mega chain. I was skeptical to say the least. But the lure of melted cheese and funny forks was too much to keep me from trying fondue at lease once more.

Now there’s a location in Louisville, but I was taking some friends out who live down south. We opted for the Littleton location. But, after conferring with one of our new employees who used to work at the Louisville Melting Pot, I’m confident the two are on par with each other and these comments hold true at both locations.

Which is to say they are awesome.

I wish I knew the name of our server, because I would nominate him for waiter of the year. He was that good. The pots of cheese (a tangy Caribbean mix and spinach artichoke melt) were an absolute delight, although they filled up all of us prior to our salads arriving.

Although the salads—a healthy mix of portobellos and spinach, were top notch—we were there to eat stuff cooked over the table top burners. Our surf and turf platters arrived so full of tasty looking fresh meats we feared for the fabric in our waistbands.

The lobster was just off the ship in Maine fresh. The filet Mignon was tender and fat free. The jerk pork was a spicy surprise on the plate. I could go on.

The bottom line is the main course shined over three other stellar courses. And that’s saying a whole lot, especially after we delved into a chocolate coma at dessert. Dipping cheesecake in melted chocolate just seems like the right thing to do.

So now I am sold on fondue. I just have to save my pennies so I can go again. The meal set the four of us back about $250 (the four-course meal was priced fixed at $83 a couple, plus a healthy serving a wine, tip and tax).

— Jacob Harkins, Yellow Scene Magazine editor

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