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French’s 5


In honor of iPhone 2.0, five new iPhone applications you can’t do without. And, because I’m a cheapskate, these are all free.

1. Remote
A remarkably simple and easy way to turn your device into a remote to control iTunes on your Mac at home. You do need to be equipped with WiFi for it to work.

2. Shazam
Very slick application. You simply hold your iPhone up to a speaker and Shazam “tags” the tune, kicking back what song it is, who it’s by, where you can buy it, and provides a link out to the YouTube video if one exists.

3. Urbanspoon
Shake your iPhone and it’ll tell ya where to go for dinner in your area. Customize the search results to narrow it down to price range and type of cuisine.

4. Light
So simple and yet surprisingly handy. This app turns your screen into a big blank, white space. Voila! Your iPhone is now a lantern!

5. Jott
A digital voice recorder for your iPhone that turns spoken notes into text.

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    Just got my iPhone G3—it’s awesome!!! Urbanspoon needs to get with it, though. Most of their Erie listings are out of business. It’s still pretty fun to shake the phone (and not in anger), though.

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