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As Good as Advertised


Throughout my teenage years, I watched Bill Clinton give numerous speeches on television, from the State of the Union address to the day he finally admitted his infidelity.

He always managed to speak with such grace, I took it for granted. Not every president is created equal in regards to public speaking ability.

So to get to see the former president in person last night was certainly exciting. Guess what? He nailed it. Clinton basically said the same thing that every one of the previous few dozen speakers had fired off from the podium.

Clinton’s sounded so much better.

He is smooth, endearing and funny. He knows how to handle situations that arise, such as the crowd being too rowdy in their applause for him to start the speech—for nearly four minutes.

Clinton calmly thanked them for their support and tried to start the speech.

“Ladies and gentleman…” he started, then had to laugh as the deafening standing ovation continued.

“Go on, sit down, we got to get on with the show here, c’mon,” he said, bringing out his beloved southern charm.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be here tonight,” the speech started again.

“Sit down,” he told the crowd again, laughing.

“Please stop, thank you, please sit please…I am…

“I love this and I thank you, but we have important work to do here tonight,” he pleaded.

With the crowd finally subdued, Bill Clinton started his speech by announcing his support for Barack Obama.

The crowd went nuts, again.

Clinton went on to walk the fine line between supporting his wife and Barack without it sounding forced or strained. Let’s just say he managed.

And now Barack has a big speech to follow today. I left shortly before Joe Biden got on stage, the day had worn on me too much.

But I have seen the vice presidential candidate speak before, and he is great. I have seen Barack Obama speak before, and he is fantastic. Now I have seen Bill Clinton address a crowd. Wow is the best word to describe him speak.

These are three Democrats who know how to win people over with words, something that had been drastically lacking with the Gore and Kerry campaigns.

If nothing else comes out of this convention, at least Democrats know they won’t lost in November because of personality.

I’m off to another hectic day.

— Jacob Harkins, Yellow Scene Magazine

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