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Mutts and Kitties and Purebreds Make Staff Pets


The pet issue is the one time a year we get to showcase our beloved animals. These are the furry creatures who always smile at us when we come home from a long day of work.

We have four pets, but Mystery, who’s been with us the longest, is the alpha pet of the house. She was an abandoned, abused cat who took awhile to adjust to normal life—she loves to cuddle, but when she’s alone she just drags her stuffed animals into the basement for companionship.
—Shavonne Blades, Publisher

I grew up a dog guy, but this 3-year-old long-haired domestic kitty came with my beautiful girlfriend when she moved in a few months back. She’s grown on me (the cat, not the girlfriend, people) although I am still not sure I know how to pronounce her name (it’s Micia, Italian for kitten, I’m told).
—Jacob Harkins, Editor

I have three Yorkies, and I love them equally so couldn’t bare to have just one featured. We got Zoe, left, from a breeder six years ago in Pennsylvania, and Mandy and Janie are her daughters. Mandy twirls in circles when she wants a cookie—it’s pretty freakin’ cute.
—Julie Rakoff, Account Executive

Dane is a mutt with white paws to match his beautiful orange coat. He’s 8 and was rescued from a humane society. Jayda is my five-year-old Chocolate lab and is my lap warmer. I’d hate to pick a favorite.
—Courtney Oliver, Graphic Design Intern

I found Abigail two years ago as a fat, clawless, tailless and shy Calico cat at the Humane Society of Boulder. She’s now 9 and fatter than ever, but she is the most loving and affectionate cat I could imagine and is my favorite thing to come home to.
—Lindsay Eppich, Office Assistant

I found Simon in Savannah, Georgia, and he’s become my favorite cuddle buddy. He’s a little fat, but I don’t mind him sitting on my lap while I make the magazine—he’s the ultimate stress reliever.
—Stephanie Mott, Creative Director

Porter is a 3-year-old German Shepard (featured in last year’s pet issue). He loves playing in water and guarding our office on Fridays.
—Jon Davis, Senior Account Executive, and wife Kristen

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