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All Kinds of Breeds Mixed Together Make Perfect…Pets!


Puppies and kittens are undeniably cute. We were certainly enamored with the dozen or so doggies running around for this month’s cover photo shoot. Many of them were Designer Dogs, products of a newish fad that has breeders crossing Pugs with Beagles, Labradors with Poodles to create desired looks and traits. They even have fun names such as Puggles, Corbasses and Labradoodles. Inside this section we feature some of our favorites, with an eye toward helping you make a responsible decision on bringing a pet into your home. Many breeders do the right thing by treating their puppies the way we expect an owner to; some don’t. Meanwhile, local animal shelters are filled with abandoned dogs, cats and miscellaneous other pets ready for adoption. So enjoy the pictures of all these cute designer puppy and shelter mutts. Then read our tips on how to find your perfect pet.

• Pugs and Beagles Mixed Together Make Puggles
• Golden Retrievers and Poodles/Labradors and Poodles Make Doodles
• Shih-Tzus and Bichon Frises Mixed Together Make Teddy Bears
• Corgies and Basset Hounds Mixed Together make Corbasses
• Random Encounters Make Mutts
• Discover Your Mixed Breed’s Heritage with Dog DNA

• A New Pet Brings Up the Need for New Pet Products
• Mutts and Kitties and Purebreds Make Staff Pets

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