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French’s Five


Well, I’ve given so much to all of you this year, now, it’s my turn. Here’s my wish list:

1. Nice Time Piece
The Automatic Spaceman Audacieuse watch. It’s supercool ’70s space-tastic awesomeness. My mojo would be overclocked with this on my wrist.

2. Forget Exercise
This chair from Padwa Design might be just the thing to swivel around in with your hairless cat on your lap as you stare down James Bond…but it’s also gonna help you keep the pounds off.

3. iPhone Upgrade
Um, how awesome would it be to pull this retro gold phone handset out of your sport coat to take a call? Super, totally, completely awesome, in fact.

4. Stylish Sound
Why can’t speakers be bubble-headed figurines designed by artists to spruce up your desk?

5. Ummm, Bacon
I’ve been saying for years that Bacon should be a condiment. Well, someone’s finally heard me. The name says it all. Bacconaise.

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