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What I Did Last Summer


There are so many kids in the area who want to go to camp each summer. Sometimes it’s a little too expensive, however. So we partnered with a dozen camps in the region to offer our a scholarship program—the catch being the kids and families had to write about their experiences.

Colorado Mountain Ranch

Dear Martha and Yellow Scene,
Thank you for helping me go to Colorado Mountain Camp. My most fun adventure was mountain boarding—getting air off the table top. I did back flips on the trampoline for gymnastics. I am learning how to do back flips off the diving board in the swimming pool. I made some new friends. The counselors were nice and wrote notes to my mom about what an awesome mountain boarder I am. I got to spend the night on Thursday, that was fun too.

Dear Yellow Scene and Partners,
I would like to express my appeciation for the funding you provided for my son (Ernesto) to attend Colorado Mountain Ranch Camp the week of August 14th. It was an incredible experience, and exposed Ernesto to activities that were new to him: mountain boarding, archery, horse back riding, gymnastics, Indian lore, a pool with a real diving board. He excelled at these (especially mountain boarding) and had the time of his life. Ernesto got rave reviews regarding his behavior and participation in the camp, what an opportunity for a positive experience. Thank you so much!!!!
Valerie (Ernesto’s Mom)

Peanut Butter Players

I loved it because I got to be in the High School Musical, I liked being the character, Sharpee, because she’s really bratty and gets to sing the best songs. I always loved Peanut Butter Players because it’s the only time I get to be in plays and I would love to go again. Thank you very much.
—Love Courtney

Dog House Music

My Time at Jr. Rock and Roll Camp
By John
Jona was my teach. I was lead singer. I wrote an original song. I won a contest the last day. It was fun. I learned a lot. Thank you.

I can’t believe how fun and easy it was to find a person that really was sincerely wanting this experience of this camp. Thank you so much for doing what you do.
-Mrs. Kelsall 4th grade Erie Elementary (John’s teacher)

Vision Quest Martial Arts

My Summer Camp at VisionQuest
by Tristan, 4th grade
Boy did I have fun at Karate camp!  From those fun flying whammie kicks to the form, it was a lot of fun. When I showed up, they gave me my Gei (aka uniform), shin guards, hand pads and a mouth guard. I had 10 weeks of two 45 minutes class a week, and it was totally awesome. My favorite week was “Black Belt Training” which was really intense and got my strength up. The head instructor, Mr. Span, was really great.  The ice cream party and swimming night was plenty of fun too. It’s lots of fun at VisionQuest Karate and I highly recommend it as a summer camp.

Mojo Music Academy

My name is Brandon. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. What I did last summer was go to a Rock Band Summer Camp at Mojos Music Academy for a week. It was Awesome!  Paul and Jessica own Mojos Music Academy and they have some really cool teachers. There were 4 other kids in the band I was in. There was a drummer, an electric guitar player, a bass guitar player, and a keyboard player; I was the lead singer!  We called the band Left Foot Right Foot. I got to sing “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Hound Dog,” “Free Fallin,” “Wild Thing,” and a song we made up called “Turkey Jerky.” We did a little concert at Mojos at the end of the week, and then did a big concert at Oskar Blues with 9 other bands from summer camps at Mojos. What I really enjoyed about this summer camp was getting to be in a Rock Band!

Flatirons Equestrian Center

What I Did Last Summer
by Nathan Ratner
What I did last summer is… I went to the Flatirons Equestrian Center for a week of lessons of summer camp. I rode a horse named Classy. She was an old horse. What I did was I worked most of the day, cleaning out stalls, the arena and the baby horse area. Then I groomed Classy and put the pad on her then I saddled her. Then I rode her. I learned how to trot and walk. What you do to trot is you pull on her reins and kick her at the same time on the hips. Then she trots.

There is this one Australian Shepherd toy puppy named Daisy May, she was a blue merle. She was hyper-energetic. She was very playful and friendly.

I really enjoyed Flatirons Equestrian Center and learned a lot.

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