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Dec./Jan. Letters to the Editor


Too Late For My Mail-In Ballot
I watch for your issue prior to major elections to get a gauge on where you stand on state and local issues as well as the candidates running for office. While I don’t necessarily agree with you right down the line, I think you present a fair opinion, which I seem to be relatively aligned with. I was disappointed when I didn’t get the full coverage of endorsements in the October issue and assumed that you weren’t providing it this year, only to discover it in November’s issue, which I received yesterday. We voted by mail last weekend.
—Jeanne Lounsbury, Superior

It’s hard keeping up with elections, which is why we published our endorsements online, two-plus weeks ahead of the November issue. —ed

Too Much Opinion
Your editor claims to be “serving Boulder liberals, Weld conservatives, and rural libertarians” (“The Super Bowl for Journalists,” November) but the magazine only promotes liberal views, going so far as to suggest how I should vote (“Endorsements ’08,” November). …If the magazine ever becomes interested in actually serving the people in its area, it may want to look for another author for the last page (“Get a Brain, Get in the Game,” October). Anyone who thinks viewers should get their news from comedy shows or that elitism is a good thing needs to seek another career.
—Mark Ramsell, Longmont

In our annual nonprofit directory (“Giving Guide,” Gift Guide issue), we failed to add one of the region’s most important nonprofits, Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. Serving Adams and Broomfield counties, CASA represents the best interests of child victims of abuse and neglect. For information about CASA, call 303.654.3378. In an August ad for Grey Bee, Kelsey Bigelow was not credited for the photographs.

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