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Extreme Dude Busted for Doping


News Flash: Shredders like the chronic. Tanner Hall is one of the most radical skiers of all time (featured in nearly every ski film of note the last few years), but that does not make him beyond the reach of Boulder law, especially if the guy tokes up on a high school campus. Local cops totally bummed out the scene when they busted Tanner for pot possession while he thrilled local kids with some ski tricks for a movie.

Cops got whiff of what was happening when a large crowd gathered to checkout some extreme ski stunts outside New Vista High School. The 25-year-old Tanner may be in some minor legal trouble, but at home it doesn’t look like he’ll even be grounded. “He has a lifestyle that’s not everyone’s lifestyle, but I back Tanner 199 percent,” the shred king’s mom, Darla Hall, told the newspapers. “He’s not the only athlete out there that smokes marijuana. …They all do it.” And it couldn’t hurt his street cred.

Obama Signs Worth Their Weight In GM Stock

After eight years of crushing defeat at the hands of George Bush, Boulder liberals have taken to hording all political tidbits tied to our new president, Barack Obama. Yard signs, rally posters, basically anything with the word Obama on it. Seems no one is willing to part with this stuff. Deb Garnder, chair of the county’s Democratic Party, told local media outlets that the heartbreaking losses in the last two presidential election cycles led Boulder Democrats to covet all things Obama. Dems had a little less passion for the last liberal in the Oval Office. You’d be hard pressed to find anything left over from Bill Clinton’s back-to-back wins in the ’90s. But for now the Obamamaniacs of Boulder remain lost in the afterglow of Barack’s historic victory. “We really thought people would be done looking for that kind of thing (political signs) after the elections,” Gardner says. “But they are still coming into our office looking for mementos.” File these next to your “I Like Ike” pins.

The Bookworm Turns

It’s gotten a lot more difficult to be a bookworm in Superior since residents awoke to the new year with news that they could no longer use the Louisville public libraries. Because Superior lacks a library, they had a decades old arrangement with the city of Louisville to use theirs. That is, until Louisville started demanding more money for the privlege of using their facilities. Apparently, the two towns reached an impasse, and Superiorittes will have to venture to Boulder or Broomfield to check out their books, DVDs and CDs.  Louisville might want to be careful, or they could find their Costco memberships revoked.

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