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March Editor’s Picks


Eye-Popping Photography
Photography as an art form is much more than simply looking through a lens and clicking a button—from the rule of thirds to understanding lighting, technique will only take you so far. It’s that extra little bit of innate talent—the eye—that separates the true artist from weekend hobbyist. The Photo Salon exhibit at the Old Firehouse Art Center features the work of several of those who would fall into the “true artist” category, including Scott Rook, CJ Hannah, Tom Kumph, Nancy Meyer and Anna Thielke. The reception is March 13 from 6–9pm, the show hangs until April 18. 667 4th Ave., Longmont, 303.651.2787

Princess Charming
This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most widely-performed plays ever. Based on the timeless Princess and the Pea story, Once Upon A Mattress is a musical comedy both easy to produce and easy to watch. Its quick pace, clever dialogue and charming numbers appeal to the masses much the same way Taco Bell does, except without all that unpleasant flatulence. Through March 14, Longmont Performing Arts Center, $12+, 513 Main St., Longmont, 303.772.5200

Rising Star
If you haven’t heard of Russ Rivas yet, don’t be dismayed; the comedian is only at the beginning of a promising career, highlighted by appearances on HBO and Showtime. Rivas doesn’t have to work too blue for his laughs with lines like: “I started comedy at the urging of my wife. Not only did she think I was funny, but she heard comics left home for weeks at a time.” Okay, maybe a little blue wouldn’t hurt. March 11-15, Wits End, 6080 92nd Ave., Westminster, 303.430.4242

Clean-Cut Crooner
There should be an entire class of musician categorized by appearing on teenaged-targeted TV shows like 90210, Dawson’s Creek, etc. If there was, Matt Wertz would be the newest thing—a clean-cut, Christian-friendly pop rocker with very little edge and enough hooks that parents don’t mind him blaring from their kids’ rooms. He cut his chops touring with Jars of Clay, playing at Young Life events (a Christian youth group organization) and pretty much avoiding anything that would give him real street cred. March 7, 9pm, Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder, all ages, $15, 303.443.3399


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family. Google

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