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Makeover Update: New Glasses


Morgan wears glasses to improve her distance vision. Breaking her existing pair meant quick work to find a replacement. First order of business when looking for new frames is to find a shop that has a huge inventory from which to choose. Second, factor in whether or not the shop does their own optics. A shop that does so has the ability to select from a wide range of lenses. This means you will get the type of lens that best suits your vision needs. Additionally, it means that lenses can be modified or customized in shape to best suit your face if your choice is a rimless or partial rimless frame.

Morgan and I met at Boulder’s premier vision center, Aspen Eyewear, the consistent winner of ‘Best of Boulder’ since the honor’s inception.

Because frames sit right on your face, there is little margin for color or shape errors. If you are going to own one pair (rather than a wardrobe of eye wear), consider matching or toning the frame to your hair color. That way the frames will look very natural on your face even if they have cutting edge styling. If you like to live on the wild side, eye wear is a great place to express your personality. This is definitely a trial and error process. Don’t forget that each frame will be specifically fitted to your face for balance and comfort. What if you have made a choice and the dispensing optician finds the fit incorrect or the size/shape inappropriate for you prescription? Listen to experienced advice! The aesthetics of eye wear are very important, but you seeing your best is paramount.

Morgan had two final contenders. We shot pictures so you could see what they were. Can you guess which one she chose?
Learn more about Nancy and her services at her web site nancytaylorfarel.com.


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