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Must-Have Gadgets


Your kids have grown up on cell phones and iPods, meaning they’re more likely to ask for a “smart” pen (or a laptop) than crayons. Here are a few must-have gadgets and supplies for youngsters. This year, eco-chic, rock-n-roll, and bright purples, oranges and turquoise are all considered “in.”

Solar Crank radio
$25.99 at Target.com
Music defines youth…it makes the good times better and gives the bad times some context. Ensure that your kids always have a soundtrack (rain or shine) with this uber cool solar crank radio…powered by the sun or use the hand crank when things get cloudy.

TOMS Shoes
Around $50 at tomsshoes.com
TOMS Shoes one-up going green by also giving back. For each pair of shoes purchased, one pair is given to a child in need. Comfy, eco-friendly, stylish canvas shoes and supporting a good cause? That’s enough to put a skip in anyone’s step.

Math Shark
$49.99 at Toys R Us
Trick your kids into becoming math whizzes with this hand-held portable electronic learning aid that plays like a video game. It also doubles as a full-functioning calculator so little Johnny will be balancing your checkbook in
no time.

Lunch bag
Assorted styles and themes, $9.99 at Target
Brown paper bags are as old as last year’s garbage…Spice up your lunch time with a cool lunch bag that expresses your own tastes and style. Themes vary from Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers to animals and unique designs and colors.

Aluminum water bottle
$9.99 at Target
Plastic water bottles are bogus—not to mention, a way-not-cool accessory. Teach your kids that it’s hip to be green with these funky and fun aluminum bottles.

Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen
2GB $199.99, 1GB $149.99 at Best Buy, Target, Costco, amazon.com
This nifty, technologically advanced pen sure is smart. It creates digital copies of your notes while recording audio and then links the two together. Have a teacher that talks too fast? Go back and fill in the holes in your notes by listening to the lecture again. Great piece of technology for all students—diligent note-takers and sideline doodlers alike.


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