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Rock Solid Schools


“All schools are wonderful,” an administrator told us. True, all schools do a commendable service: educating our kiddos. Still, we wanted to give props to a few of our favorites.

Most likely to win…in life: Peak to Peak Charter School
In 2008, Peak to Peak seniors brought in $6.5 million in college scholarships. With those numbers, you can’t deny that this school is wicked smart. This K–12 charter’s (no tuition, woot!) philosophy is grounded in academic excellence, character education and post-secondary preparation. Sticking to its college-prep mission has paid off: Peak to Peak takes in more accolades than Michael Phelps in a high-tech suit. That includes having the second highest ACT average composite score in the state in 2008.

Most likely to change the world…or take it over: Alexander Dawson
There’s no doubt: Alexander Dawson produces amazing talent. That has a lot to do with the encouragement, challenge and opportunity kids are given at this K–12 private school. Students explore the world and find their passions through various activities, including trips, community service and immersion programs. They call it experiential learning—and it will rock your kids’ world. Plus, there’s a 100 percent graduation rate and ACT scores that will make you blush (27.5 composite average for 2007–08).

Most likely to become an eccentric billionaire: New Vista High School
There’s outside-the-box education and there’s way-outside-the-box education. New Vista High School provides unique schooling without being too nutty. You gotta respect a school that sets out to “break the mold.” New Vista focuses on individual skills and provides experiences that take students out of the classroom and—gasp!—into the real world. With classes like Harlem renaissance, gardening and snowboard, skis and service, students get an education they will remember.

Most likely to be an American president…or an American Idol: Fairview High School
Fairview High School seems to radiate with teen drama—in a good way. Fairview is known for its flourishing arts, music and theater offerings. Of its 1,900 students, about 900 participate in music or arts. The school prides itself on its ultra-supportive atmosphere, where it’s cool to be whoever you are (jocks supporting the drama kids seems like something out of a movie, we know). Fairview also stands out because of its International Baccalaureate program, which means beaucoup work but beaucoup pay-off for young adults. Between numerous AP and IB classes, kids here make most college students look shiftless.

Most likely to date a super model… or live a fulfilling life: Monarch High School
If you reside in the country’s best small town, you best have a school that matches. And Monarch is surely fit for such an esteemed locale. Not only is this public high school an academic power house (95 percent of students go on to college), but it has killer athletics and award-winning extracurricular programs…not to mention a handful of teams that are considered state academic team champions. More than half of the students participate in either CU Succeed, where students take college courses while at Monarch, or AP classes.


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