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The Dreamy Jason Mraz


Jason Mraz’s hit single, “I’m Yours” might just be the most played single in radio history. As he puts it, it’s the “happy little hippie song” that legions of fans have gravitated too. Here, Jason talks about that lightning in a bottle and why he wants instruments in every kid’s hands…

French Davis: “I’m Yours” is playing everywhere. What’s the story behind it?
Jason Mraz: It’s the happy little hippy song. It’s about generosity and giving your own time for someone else. I’m really just stoked that people have embraced it the way they have. Probably it was a case of the right song at the right time.

FD: There’s what sounds like an Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole influence in the tune—intentional?
JM: Hmm, not intentional, but it is there for sure. Right when I’d written that song, I’d spent a lot of time in Hawaii and I had also visited Bob Marley’s house in Jamaica. So, between Israel and Bob Marley, they definitely influenced me.

FD: You’re donating part of tour proceeds to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. Tell me about it.
JM: It was a no-brainer to me when I heard about the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. They do a great job of putting instruments in kids’ hands, and also getting parents to help fight to keep music in schools. Music in schools is just so incredibly important for our children, and they help get the parents active to fight to save it.

FD: What’s your composition process?
JM: I wish it was the same every time. But I am always writing things down, putting ideas in my pocket, and taking notes. My favorite way, and the way I wrote “I’m Yours,” is to just pick up my instrument and see what happens. Let my heart and body lead me in the right way—sort of a stream-of-consciousness type of writing.

FD: Has life changed since your “big break?”
JM: Oh, life is still the same. I still gotta take care of myself and grow and learn and read and write. It’s really allowed me to care for my community and my family in a way that I’d never thought possible, and for that I am really grateful.


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