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What’s the Word?


The English language is becoming altered with slang terms and watered down with text-message lingo. Merriam and Webster may have turned over in their graves. If you know your kid is speaking English—but still can’t understand them—then start decoding. Here, a glossary of technical teen terms.

Text Acronyms

BRB: Be right back
JK: Just kidding
LOL: Laugh out loud
LMK: Let me know
LULZ: Plural LOL
OMW: On my way
PLOS: Parent looking over shoulder
Thx: Thanks
TTYL: Talk to you later


Emo: Short for “emotional”; dramatically depressed; a musical style.
IM: Instant message. A communication technique that allows you to send messages instantly to someone on computer.
OMG: Popular expression; “oh my god!”
bestie: Best friend. Also see, bff.
fist pump: The action of putting one’s fist in the air and pumping; usually seen in sweaty dance clubs on the Jersey Shore.
Lady Gaga: A pop music icon with an eccentric fashion sense; the modern day Madonna.
It’s complicated: An option for “relationship status” on Facebook, usually suggesting that the person is dating or almost official but it’s totally not official or…well, it’s complicated.
Trending topics: The current most-talked-about subjects on Twitter.
Food baby: Used to describe a distended stomach after a big meal.
Ballerado: Referenced in the songs of 3OH!3; a resident who is particularly awesome.
Deets: Short for “details;” an item of gossip.


: ) smile
; ) wink/flirty
: ( frown
:’( crying
😀 open mouth smile/laugh
:O shocked
:S unsure, uncomfortable

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