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Erie Election: Paula Teeple, mayoral candidate


Paula Teeple, candidate for Erie mayor, opted not to answer the questions provided by Yellow Scene, saying she was “questioned out at the moment.” Instead, she offered this:

My fellow candidates and I have spent four nights in two weeks answering questions from “why are we running?” to “should we open Bonanza Drive?”

I’m proud of the people of Erie for their intelligent concerns about our town’s growth. Local media has been supportive by keeping readers informed both in print and online. People’s ears have perked up and folks are paying attention.

The town has been given choices by intelligent, experienced professionals who want the town to continue growing using sound business decisions, but without animosity and division. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

It’s become pretty clear to me: If you want Moore of the same, vote for Cheryl. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re ready for change, vote for Paula.

*Any candidate who does not fill out the Yellow Scene election questionnaire or participate in an in-person Q&A is not eligible for endorsement. All candidates were informed of this when the questionnaire was sent.

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    Paula is a wonderful person that I endorse whole heartedly. She is a hard worker, open-minded to everyones needs, and also an excellent photographer. Loves working with children and a very dedicated professional. If you have a moment, and you see her around town, take a moment to say hello, and get to know her, even if it is just a short conversation, and you will see what I mean! PS…Just because she didnt answer the questionnaire. doesn’t make her a bad candidate, just a tired one. She will change things for the better….just you wait and see!Vote for a Positive Change…Finally a Change in the Right Direction! Vote for Paula Teeples!

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