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Erie Elections Q&A: Scott Wood, trustee candidate


Name: Scott Wood

Relevant leadership or community experience:

Served on a homeowner board years ago; served 4 years on CU Alumni Association Board of Directors; 21 years as a volunteer firefighter in Eagan, Minnesota, ranks held: E.M.S. coordinator, Lieutenant, Captain and Commander (dealt with budgeting and long and short range planning)

What are the three top issues for Erie in the coming years? What will be your plan for fixing/solving/dealing with those issues?

1. I think the number one issue is careful strategic growth planning. We need to be very careful that we look 10, 20, and 30 years down the road and be sure that we are going in the direction that the citizens want the town to go. I pledge to help craft a careful, well thought out long term plan that addresses parks, housing and business development in a carefully balanced manner taking into account the desires of the majority of the citizens first.

2. We need to bring in the kind of retail development that the residents want and that will help grow Erie into a place people want to live and spend their time and money. We need employers with quality jobs so that people can live and work in the community. I promise that I will do everything I can to promote Erie to potential businesses and grow Erie in a careful manner so that we all retain the feel of the town that we all came here for while bringing in the best retail and commercial development to bring in quality jobs and shopping.

3. We need to have a town government that the people of Erie trust will do the right things and will listen to them when they want to address the trustees with an open mind. I promise to respond to all correspondence and to ALWAYS take the interests of all the citizens into account before making any decisions.

What does future successful economic development look like in Erie? What is the board’s role in making that happen?

I think that does not look like a strip mall on every corner, or big box store set wherever they want. I think it takes careful zoning and a comprehensive guide plan that is strictly adhered to that will create a few areas of prime retail and commercial development that will enable our residents to shop, dine and enjoy entertainment right here in Erie rather than needing to travel to Boulder or Denver. This will also attract shoppers and diners from other communities as well. Retail spending generates much needed tax revenue for the town to allow us to keep our tax base as low as possible. The boards role is to carefully generate that plan with citizen input and to ensure that plan is followed. We need to plan for the future generations right now, or we may find that we have waited too long.

What role should the town take in supporting and attracting business downtown? Do you believe the board should do more to support the business of Old Town area? If so, what?

The town needs to determine what we want the “Center of Town” to look like and work to craft that now. Old Town is a unique area that needs to be nurtured and tied into the development of the newer area on Erie Parkway. We need to create the feeling of a central business district that brings people into the area for multiple needs, like going to the library, community center, shopping and eating all in a few block area. We need sidewalks and ways to make folks feel like they can park once and take care of all their needs.

What actions —if any—should the board take to make the town a stronger regional player?

We need a presence on regional boards and utilize our I-25 frontage to increase the visibility of Erie and stress the convenience of our awesome location. We are close to Denver, close to DIA, close to Boulder, and close to the mountains. We are uniquely located along the front range and need to market that effectively. People sail by and don’t even know where Erie is. We have great amenities and are adding new ones all the time, and we need to get the word out that we have it all for families and folks just looking for a great place to live or just spend time on our trails or golf course!

As far as the airport is concerned, what is your stance on the skirmish and how the board has handled making changes there? What are future steps the board needs to take?

The airport is an important asset and needs to be developed as such. I do not feel that tearing out the crosswind runway is a good idea. We may not have the funds to upgrade it right now, but removing it is a permanent thing and I fell that would be a big mistake. The board has basically bullied the airport and has been imposing it’s will on the businesses and residents there.

What is Erie’s biggest transportation need in the coming years?

Better highway access to Boulder and freeway frontage and access. We need rail connections to both Boulder and Denver.

Give me your philosophy on growth in Erie? In your vision, what does future growth look like and how is it managed?

I think I covered that with my responses to question 1. Careful long term strategies with input from the community.

What action—if any—would you like to see the town take on waste collection or recycling?

Better recycling of yard waste and keeping the current practice on allowing each person or association to choose their own waste hauler. We need to encourage the landfill to be better neighbors and to re-route the trash truck traffic away from residential areas.

What’s your stance on the Bonanza Drive connection?

Should not be on the ballot, and I see no immediate pressing need for it. I think we need to strive to keep neighborhoods intact and not change things without a pressing need. This proposal creates safety issues for increased traffic on Bonanza.

Once you are elected, how will you stay in tune with the ideas, issues, concerns and questions of your constituents?

Listen, listen, listen!!! Respond when people send e-mails or call. I am annoyed at the lack of respect that citizens feel that they have gotten form the current board. Send out surveys and then ACT on the results!

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