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Tid-Bites: You & Mee Noodle House


Too often when searching for a restaurant, we come upon costly, pretentious places serving complicated food. Any more, the mentality is that you must spend a substantial amount of money for an enjoyable meal, but I’m tired of this, and more importantly, my wallet is tired. Recently, on a whim, a friend and I decided to try out You & Mee Noodle House on the Hill.

You & Mee is a small Vietnamese noodle house that serves the traditional soup and noodle bowl called ph? (often Romanized pho). Like the traditional dish of any country, each family and each restaurant has its own variation, and You & Mee is no different. Conveniently for us Boulderites, they cater to all types: The restaurant serves beef, chicken and vegetable broths with a variety of toppings including steak, brisket, chicken, tofu and a number of other traditional meat preparations. I chose the chicken broth with chicken, tofu and mixed vegetables. The bowl came out steaming hot, packed full of the toppings I had selected. After adding the necessary condiments—sliced jalapeño, Thai basil, sprouts, cilantro and sriracha—I dove into this large bowl of delightful, steamy goodness. While most chicken broths are dull and flavorless, this one was full-bodied and delightfully warming on what was a chilly February day. I left with a full stomach—and wallet.

Coming in at under seven dollars for the meal, it was an excellent meal for about a third of the price for something equally satisfying elsewhere in Boulder. To a degree, You & Mee has a somewhat an unnoticed location. Even being directly on Broadway, on the Hill, it’s often passed up for Tra-Lings, the Chinese restaurant right next door. Though a couple of dollars more expensive, You & Mee provides dinner on a budget that is a far superior meal and is not worth missing.


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family. Google

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