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BEZEL Opens as Denver’s Most Sophisticated New Cocktail Experience | Press Release


Editor’s Note: Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole. 

All images courtesy of BEZEL, VOCA PR



(Denver, Colo.) – December 7, 2021 – BEZEL, a new, elevated and inspiring cocktail experience, has opened this month and is an ode to the golden age of cocktails and art of refined gathering. Perfectly tucked into the newly reimagined Sheraton Denver Downtown on the corner of Court Place and the 16th Street Mall, BEZELis the latest of many exciting reasons to drink and dine in Denver’s upper downtown neighborhood.BEZEL treats guests to a scrumptious range of unique specialty cocktails — including variations on beloved classics, 21st century original creations, and thoughtfully crafted mocktails — while offering a mix of savory and sweet bar snacks and small plates that perfectly complement the drink selection, which also features a specialty ice program.

BEZEL will open with a local Sheraton food & beverage team supported by Kendra Anderson’s MQ Hospitality Consulting Group. Anderson, a local cocktail and bar operations expert and former owner of Bar Helix and Cabana X, was tapped to help bring to life the holistic vision originally developed by Sasso & Co and Marriott’s own expert mixologist, Gary Gruver. The recently appointed general manager, Raven Buzzell will bring his 23 years of experience in the bar and hospitality industry to Bezel and will help implement a fresh vision for Denver.Together, the team has curated a cocktail and food menu that shares thoughtfully-crafted petite variations of cultural classics as well as trending techniques.

“We are thrilled to help bring this new and beautifully designed cocktail concept to downtown Denver, creating a truly welcoming environment for every occasion from date night to casual happy hours, to private parties, exquisite bar bites, lively music and creative drinks,” said Anderson.

The name BEZEL refers to the classic beveled glassware, hand-stamped ice, and accentuating garnishes featured in the cocktail program. BEZEL’s curated cocktails pay homage to thoughtfully crafted libations sipped and enjoyed by a refined palate. Featured cocktails include The Dapper Don, Ambrosia Smoke Signal, and the in-house canned Cara Cara Spritz. By offering 20 wines by the glass, ranging from crisp and refreshing to bold and exquisite, BEZEL raises the proverbial bar, enticing wine novices and seasoned imbibers alike to share in unique tasting opportunities. BEZELis proud to share a unique bond with Foley Family Wines, while five local beers on draft further pay homage to Denver’s distinct beer presence. Completing the beverage program are thoughtfully sourced, custom-developed elixirs and syrups and freshly squeezed juices, all combined to construct some of the most refreshing, fulfilling mocktails in the city.

The highlight of the food menu is the BEZELBoard, an artful arrangement of antipasti featuring locally sourced ingredients. The Petite Plates lend themselves to snacking with others or enjoying individually and include refreshing Salmon Crudo, juicy Bison Sliders, a Colorado Lamb Loin which draws on Greek embellishments, and a Wagyu Flat Iron with an Asian flare. Amongst great company and cocktails, these petite plates are the perfect final touch.

Initially, BEZEL will be open Thursday through Saturday beginning at 5pm and will feature a mix of local and nationally-renownedDJs. At just under 2000 square feet, BEZEL accommodates 125 guests inside and 50 guests outside, including a patio which features fire pits and lounge seating overlooking the lively 16th Street Mall pedestrian walkway. Center stage of BEZELis the towering, reclaimed mirror wall that defines the bar: 30 feet of gold-illuminated backbar is lined with the finest craft ingredients and top shelf liquor. Surrounding the main bar is a standing rail along with bar-height seating, complemented by relaxing lounge seating and encompassed by the floor-to-ceiling windows, dark textured walls and cool industrial subtleties.

“BEZEL creates a full sensory experience that starts when you walk in and are greeted by an impeccably appointed staff and an awe-inspiring space and is followed by a food and beverage experience that inspires and combines a unique mix of nostalgia for eras gone by,” said General Manager, Raven Buzell.


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