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The Future is Organic


Door to Door Organics has started a new initiative dedicated to bringing the Boulder community together to support nonprofits—such as local schools—while delivering healthy, locally grown produce and groceries.

Door to Door Organics’ Fundraising Co-op Program is making it easier to support a cause you deem significant. Here’s how it works: Simply decide upon a qualifying non-profit like a school or other organization and your co-op can resolve to have a percentage of box sales go to that organization in a monthly check. Each co-op is created when four or more people come together and agree to have their boxes delivered to a single location, instead of having each box dropped off at a different house. Together, you and your co-op can decide to support any qualifying local non-profit through the Door to Door Organics website, and Door to Door Organics will donate 10 percent of your co-op’s sales to whichever specific non-profit you pick. Every new member who joins into your co-op will ensure more money goes to the causes and organizations you love.

Over the duration of this school year and last, Door to Door Organics donated nearly $15,000 to Colorado schools thanks to their fundraising program; local school officials find the supplemental income especially useful during difficult times of budget cuts and economic crisis.

Christina Carlson, the developmental director of the Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver, said in a press release, “The Door to Door Organics’ co-op program provides an opportunity for us to engage the parent community, get our kids to eat healthier foods, and provide support for our school—all at the same time. The funds we’ve raised have supported our overall operating budget for everything from field trips to teacher salaries.”

Door to Door Organics is working to better the community, and their customers are a significant part of that process. Together, they are working to create a community with like goals and values instilling healthy eating habits and positive lifestyle choices in future generations. Co-op groups consisting of parents, business owners and other community members come together periodically to pick up their food knowing they are not only doing something good for themselves but for their children and community as well.

Thanks to the grand-ol’ Internet, Door to Door Organics offers an online management system that helps track the amount of money each co-op has generated, helps newcomers find an existing co-op to join and makes it easy to create new co-ops as well. The good people at Door to Door Organics are available and interested in giving informational presentations to groups who would like to be educated on fundraising and co-ops. For more information, visit their website at: colorado.doortodoororganics.com/about/coop_fundraising.php.

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