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Bright Eyes


Large-framed sunglasses have been popular in past seasons—circa Nicole Richie—but this year, a smaller, more defined frame is in.

Anthony Owen Mark, an optician at Wink in Boulder, says there are three styles to look for, and they all reflect the fashions of the 1920s through the 1950s. These go-to looks—retro-classic, retro-nouveau and retro-chic—are making their way into shops throughout town, available for those who want to look up-to-date and stylish this year. The most popular sunglasses of this season, Mark said, are the retro-classic. Made popular by Malcolm X in the ’50s, this frame is fashionable whether it’s for an eyeglass or for a trendy sunglass look.

When choosing sunglasses, though, Mark says it’s different for every face. He says it’s based on each individual’s brow line, nose and cheekbones. You may not need to consult a professional every time you purchase a new pair, but just remember to find glasses that accentuate your face instead of hiding it.

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