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The Bolder Life: Corn Mazes, Pumpkins and Hay Rides, Oh My!


So you’re a grown up. That’s cool. You think Halloween is a holiday for kids and scoff at the idea of dressing up in an over-priced get-up from your local costume store—parading around town, looking ridiculous or hot or grotesque—whichever style you chose. You think bobbing for candy apples, carving pumpkins and collecting yummy treats is for children.

If that’s the case, then you’re totally missing out because Rock Creek Farms opened this past weekend and they have a ton of fun, pre-Halloween, fall-celebrating activities that will get you excited and amped up for the upcoming candy/costume sales driven holiday.

Rock Creek Farm offers just about everything that I love about this time of year.

First of all—there’s a corn maze. I love corn mazes. There’s just something about losing yourself in a giant field of corn with a bunch of strangers for hours to really make the fall season special. Rock Creek has an 8 mile maze layout through their well manicured and well thought out field of corn. And if the thought of huffing it on a bright autumn day through a maze of maize isn’t enough excitment for you—well, maybe you’ll find a little excitment when you discover that this year’s “Maze Theme” is a Whodunit? Maze goers are encouraged to help find the missing Famer Joe.  Collect clues and evidence along the way, and help put one of the suspicious farm animals behind bars and save Farmer Joe.

Corn mazes rock. So do pumpkins. Nothing says Happy Halloween like a bright orange pumpkin with triangles for eyes and a grinning mouth full of jagged teeth. Now, I’m a geniuses at choosing the best pumpkins, but I’m a little bit of an epic failure when it comes to carving them. I never win the pumpkin-carving contests, and my pumpkins typically don’t survive the first hour of a lit candle. Thankfully, Rock Creek Farm understands that pumpkin-carving inept people, such as myself, exist and they’ve generously put together a collection of free stencils that can be downloaded from their website. I’m totally winning the carving contest this year.

And can we please talk about the hay rides?! Sure, it’s not the late 1800’s anymore, but a cart, full of people, driven through a 1000 acres of beautiful farmland with the famous foothills centered in the viewfinder and the sights and smells of fall lingering is kind of a cool way to enjoy an afternoon.

Tons of family activities for the half-pints, caramel apples, freshly baked pumpkin bread, and a slew of other delicious treats for sale and to top it off—Rock Creek is offering up free recipes for all of your favorite fall and Halloween treats.

Rock Creek Farm is located in Broomfield and is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm from September 24th to October 31st. Please note that Rock Creek Farms does not accept credit cards, so be sure to hit the ATM or bring a check for your fun-filled fall trip to the Farm!

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