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Cake ice cream? Oh, yeah!


As editors of a super cool magazine, we consider ourselves pretty lucky. Especially on days when people bring us treats. We are shameless suckers for special deliveries, which can come in the form of cupcakes, pizza and even ice cream.

One such package arrived recently: this lovely little pint of red velvet cake ice cream. That’s right, it’s the amazing love child of cake and ice cream (closely related but far superior to ice cream cake), and it was brought to us by the genuises behind Kim and Jake’s Cakes and Glacier Ice Cream. The two local businesses are teaming up to develop a series of cake ice creams, truly the best of both their worlds.

Apparently to create the red velvet ice cream, they literally take one of Kim and Jake’s red velvet cakes—icing and all—and drop it into the vanilla ice cream base. It pretty much tastes like it sounds: rich and sweet with a really cool texture—like when your birthday cake begins to soak up the melting ice cream on the bottom of your plate, but creamier and smoother and way better than any birthday cake you had as a kid.

Customers can pick up Kim & Jake’s Cakes ice cream at Glacier on Baseline and Foothills. With Valentine’s Day is over, they have the red velvet cake ice cream in pints, and next week they will have the king cake ice cream for Mardi Gras (Kim Rosenbarger of Kim and Jake’s is from New Orleans, so king cakes are a family tradition).

You can follow updates on the cake ice cream at Kim and Jake’s Facebook page.


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