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Faces of summer: The beer guy


After 15 years of homebrewing in Colorado, what initially started as a joke is becoming reality. John Frazee is this summer’s beer guy to watch for. Louisville’s Gravity Brewing, which is set to open in July, focuses more on the science of making a delicious, one-of-a-kind beer. With opening around the corner and the stress of building the brewery, one main concern for the civil engineer is what to name his brews.

Why open a brewery?

You only live once. Mainly, it was me dissatisfied with corporate America, and  I wanted to open my own business. I live in Louisville and saw a good opportunity. It’s a cool little town that could definitely use a brewery.

How many beers will be on tap?

Initially at least four, that’s kind of the logistical problem with opening. Once we have time to brew, we could have six to eight on draft throughout the year. Variety will change through the year as much as 20.

Will there be a summer beer?

We’re going to likely have a couple summer beers. A Belgian Whit, regular pale ale, double IPA and Belgian blonde.

What is your favorite beer when you’re doing summer activities like mowing the lawn, barbecuing, etc?

A light Belgium beer, or an IPA even on the bitter end is floral and refreshing in the summer.

How did your first home brew taste?

The first batch was with my brother, and he was helping a little bit so that was good. My first batch on my own was good. Making beer is not that hard. It’s just a matter of attention to detail. I’ve had some bad batches, for sure. I’m not saying I’m some perfect homebrewer.

What is your own favorite Gravity beer?

I would say two favorites: Belgian Blonde and the double IPA (Acceleration Ale). Both of those would be my favorites. Our Imperial Stout is very good too. I know you asked for one and I just gave you three. Sorry.

How do you name your beers?

Coming up with the beers and recipes is something that we love to do. Coming up with the names, we struggle with. They have names that we don’t like. We’re engineers and the creative side we struggle with. We’re trying to have a common theme and go back to the main Gravity Brewing and the science behind the beer. Most of them are place holders that are going to evolve.

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