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The Bolder Life: The Perfect Summer Day


It’s rare that I find myself in the middle of one of those perfect summer days; the kind of day that has a seemingly fake backdrop of fluffy white clouds floating in a never ending sky of blue. The kind of day that starts with the sounds of robins chatting outside your window in the morning and ends with a dramatic exit by the sun.

To me, the perfect summer day is an empty square on the calendar. Not having anywhere to be and not having to be anyone opens up a world of possibilities for the day!

Saturday proved to be the best day to experience my perfect summer day. My robin alarm clock went off around 7:00 a.m., and by 8:30 a.m. I was parking Lilly the Jeep at the Chautauqua trailhead. Along with my best friend and sister, I started up the Royal Arch trail and by 9:30 a.m., I was breathing in a stunning view of the city of Boulder (and beyond) and standing eye-level with the one of the famed Flatirons. Happiness. A slight breeze at the top of our trek and a series of photos taken under the picturesque arch that the trail got its name from rewarded us for reaching out destination.
By 10:00 a.m. we were back on the road and I was serenading my passengers with the sound of my starving stomach. A breakfast bagel at Moe’s quieted the growling and a quick cat nap gave my muscles a much needed rest.

Thrifting came next. I made a special trip to Longmont to ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ at the amazing vintage finds at Serendipity. If you’re one of those creative types or fancy vintage pieces, then I highly recommend that you make a trip to this store. The selection of well-maintained vintage furniture, historical pieces (they have a huge record collection!), antique jewelry and weathered picture frames are just waiting for you to fix them up, or leave them in all of their charming glory. I was busy looking for cool accessories and decorations for my sister’s upcoming wedding. A huge selection of hand-painted tea cups, lacey tablecloths and vintage wedding jewelry kept my brain spinning with fun ideas. This store is a little tricky to find, but once you get there, you’ll be happy you made the effort!

Dinner was a combination of bbq pork sliders, sweet potato fries, Belgian beers and sunshine on the patio of Rueben’s Burger Bistro.

I finished off my evening with a sweet, but not too sweet gluten-free beer on the patio at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place.

Cool summer air, total relaxation, tired muscles and a delicious craft beer—what more could you ask for out of your perfect summer day?

Cheers to your perfect summer day!

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